Oslo municipality wants stricter rules and more control over Russian time – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local News, TV and Radio

Oslo municipality wants stricter rules and more control over Russian time – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local News, TV and Radio

For example, they feel that they are not allowed to sit in the canteen and that they have no place at the table, explains Victoria Abol-Sundspe.

He is the vice-president of the student council and a teacher until spring at Ullern High School in Oslo.

She tells about messages the student council received from students who were not on the Russian bus.

– We have also heard of people who want to change schools because they are not on this bus, he says.

Victoria Abol-Sundspe on the Student Council is concerned that everyone has a good Russian time.

Photo: Usman Ali / NRK

– Destroys the school environment

Last year, headmaster Doryl Reckon scored Alarm in VG About the russebuss hierarchy at school.

She believes it is beyond the social context.

According to the headmaster, there is one thing in the Russian case that the school psychologist talked about:

– Most of them say they would have had a better time in secondary school if it wasn’t for the Russian era, Regen says.

– And this is a big “Aha” for me, the students themselves say so.

Røeggen believes Russian buses in particular are the problem.

– The root cause of these is the annoyance of being on the bus. And there’s a lot of money involved in the film, which causes unease.

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Something happened to the Russians in Oslo

Regulating rush hour

That’s the culture Oslo’s head of schools wants to create.

The government is now working on a declaration of what Russian time should be.

and Education Director Marte Gerhardsen Wants government in the field.

Marte Kerhardson

Marte Gerhartsen, Oslo’s director of education, says Oslo has begun work on Russia’s Future Celebration.

Photo: Siw Pessar

Among other things, with instructions as to when the celebration will take place.

Guidelines on how to celebrate Russian time, so it’s inclusive.

In Oslo, a task force has been set up to look into exactly that.

With students, teachers, principals and parents from across the city.

Russian party at Rådhusplassen?

But if the bus culture is to die, says Herhardson, young people must have alternatives.

– They want to be together to celebrate and party. So let’s see how to create it.

Ullern Russian has a recommendation:

The municipality allocates money to create a collective Russian celebration.

– For example, in Russian times you may have had celebrations on Radusplassen a few times. You get the feeling that it’s a real party. He says Hermione Dirac Moe.

He is a financial manager at one of the Ullern buses and sits on the Russian board at the school.

Three young men sit at a table and smile at each other.  A boy with dark, short hair.  On the opposite side, a boy with a short, cap and brown hair sits and smiles.  Beside him a woman with long, fair, curly hair smiles.

Hermin Dirac Mo (centre) thinks it’s good for everyone in Oslo to hold joint Russian parties.

Photo: Usman Ali / NRK

They work to make Russian time more inclusive and involve everyone. No matter who is on the bus.

It could be things like a day of joint dressing in Russian clothing.

Now Ullern students can participate in a knitting club, sewing club or drawing club for free.

– I am really proud of the school Who tackled the problem, says student council vice Victoria Abol-Sundspe.

Student Council Vice President: Victoria Abol-Sundspe (TV) and Russe President: Caroline Revlem (th)

Neither Victoria Aabol-Sundsbø (left) nor Caroline Revlem (right) are on Russian buses, but they have an opinion and a Russian gang.

Photo: Usman Ali / NRK

Departed early on the Russian bus

Russ isn’t the only one they want to reach this year.

Many Ullern students think about russetida from the time they start school.

And many people buy Russebuss in the fall when they start.

Then the group of friends is “set” very quickly.

– You Russian Chancellor Revlem says you don’t know who you are, who your real friends are, or who you most want to hang out with in October of late high school.

Russe president Caroline Revlem believes that parents should take care of themselves, for example, by helping their children buy a Russe bus.

Russe president Caroline Revlem believes that parents should take care of themselves, for example, by helping their children buy a Russe bus.

Photo: Usman Ali / NRK

It occurs only in Ullern. According to Education Director Gerhardson.

On that day Some schools If it is already installedto do High school gangs and ideas, and who vEtogether in the Russian era.

Outside of Oslo.

Ask your parents not to

Parents should be on the pitch, he says Ullern Rector Doryl Roeken.

16-year-olds cannot enter into a contract to purchase a Russian bus.

Then the parents have to sign.

“I believe very clearly that parents need to learn to say no,” says principal Doryl Reggen.

Does a Russian celebration require strict rules?

But if busing is seen as a way to socially protect children, it’s hard to say no.

I don’t think it’s that easy for anyone. So I think it has to happen at a higher level. Student council vice president Victoria says the city council needs to do something about it.

Ready, done, party

But Ullern Russian is a little tired of denouncing Russebuss.

I feel it is overrated In advance, says bus manager Madeleine Glove Muller.

If you are on the bus, you are either exceptional or rude and naughty. And not so for the majority. But of course there is an important discussion to be had.

Soon the Ullern Russians are done with the discussion – ready to feast.

– That would be fun. I’m really looking forward to it, says Muller.

Hermine Dirac Moe and Madeleine Glove Muller, Ullern

Hermine Dirac Mo and Madeleine Grove Muller are on different Russian buses, but still good friends. Bus fares are high but girls look forward to the bus time.

Photo: Usman Ali / NRK

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