Proton believes these text messages show the jump leader is misinformed – Viji

Proton believes these text messages show the jump leader is misinformed - Viji
Sports Manager Jump: Klaus Brett Proton’s contract expires after the season. The skiing association wants to extend.

In this text message, Klaus Brett Brendan, 52, writes that he signed his own contract extension and filled in the required information. Jumping Committee Chairman Alf Dor Hugh “received” the answer – without any protest.

When Klaus Frieden Bretten and his lawyer sent a press release recently accusing Pradhan of attempting to convince him that Hock was openly lying. Cut their own work.

– This shows that the information released in the press release of Alf Door Hawk and the Jumping Committee is completely false: Hugh said that there is no clarity that there is no agreement to sign the document. But he did not respond when Pruden wrote that he had signed and returned the text messages. Attorney Maurit Havemon says he did not react to anything until Pradhan sent an email to several people and thanked them for the trust.

He believes it is special to have a leader go out like Hugh did in the news release.

– We react strongly. Bretton’s lawyer tells Viji that the SMS exchange clearly shows the presence of false information.

There is a heated debate over whether Klaus Brett Breton will be allowed to continue as the sports manager of the Norwegian national jumping team after 17 years of work. Both Coaches and athletes are needed This, however, comes after Breton ended up with Secretary-General Ingville Bretton Berg and ski chief Eric Roste. Skiing Association No.

This year Viji mentions that the most negotiated agreement since June this year has demonstrated that it is gradually playing a key role in the ongoing fight:

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Because although Bretton did not understand why he received a signed document, Alf Dor Hugh, chairman of the jumping committee, says Breton tried to reduce his own work. Hawk believes the deal is a draft, yet self-criticizes that he signed it.

Glass Brett Breden “It is well known that the agreement was designed as a draft, many aspects are unclear and have not been signed by the General Secretary of the Ski Association,” says Alf Dor Hugh Viji.

– Still, he chose to send a thank you note to give the impression that everything was OK. The goal was to put more pressure on the process around the extension, Hugh tells Viji.

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Globo Sponsor About Sky Association: – When will the top manager say something about this nonsense?

We turn the clock to June this year:

25. June Alf Dor Hugh, chairman of the Jumping Committee, sends a contract to Glass Brett Breton. It was signed by Hugh and in the material field it only says “contract”.

Hawk – Today he says he supports Bretton Berg and Roste – Veterinary Doctor The management of the Sky Association does not want a sports manager anymore.

Jump Committee Leader: Alf Door Hawk.

At 13.30, Hugh writes an email to Breton: “If Inquilde keeps his position without prolonging, we will lose this case on the ski board. So I ask you to wait for the next step It says in the email.

At 13.42, SMS from Pruton to Hawk: “I received and signed during the day”.

At 21.09, a new SMS from Breton to Hawk:The contract was reviewed, updated and signed with missing factual information. Please confirm receipt “.

It turns out that the image file of the agreement to accept Hawk’s email account is too large, and instead Breton sends it as a text message.

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Proton has filled in his own salary, which is the same as he already had, as well as adjusting the account number and his address for payroll. The remaining contract is already over.

“Received in message” Alf Door Hawk responds.

It was past 21.00pm when this happened.

At 21.22, email from Bretton to 13 key leaders in The Hague and Hop-Norge: After WC at Trentheim in 2025, I signed a contract today as the Sports Manager for the Holland team (NSF jump). So it is appropriate to say thank you to the existing HK. In this context “ This is mentioned in the email along with the others.

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The absolute bottom line of the ski crisis

At 22.06, email from Hook to Breton: You said wait! You did not. To put it mildly, I am very disappointed The chairman of the jumping committee writes.

At 22.08, email from Bretton to Hawk: Do I have to wait to sign? ” Klaus Brett asks Breton in return.

Alf Dor Hawk responded to his previous message over and over again, in which he asked Bruton “About waiting for the next stage.”

At 22.25, email from Bretton to Hawk: “What did I do wrong?”

Alf Dor Hugh said it was one of the signed contracts recently sent to Breton Draft.

However, he did not write anything about this in the June 25 evening emails. He also did not respond to a request for comment on Protan’s salary and account number in an SMS this evening.R.

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Viji faced this with Hugh in connection with the case.

However, the head of the tab group did not want to answer the question beyond that Already connected During the trial.

Hawke, on the other hand, reacts – re-created in the above communications – because he believes that Breton misused faith in what the two agreed on.

Sky Tops: Inkwild Breton Berg, General Secretary of the Norwegian Sky Association, with Sky President Eric Roast.

At the same time as being asked to “wait for the next step”, Viji asked the UK lawyer who sent the message thanking the jumping community.

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Ski Association about Breton: His form of communication and behavior is unacceptable

Attorney Marit Hovemon responds on behalf of the non-contract jump manager since April 2022:

“Each time, Proton was very happy to have renewed confidence in the jumping community, so he wanted to thank those who supported him. He could not imagine that this was a deal that should be kept secret from anyone. He considered the jump committee to be behind it, and dealt with the matter.” According to him, it is not clear what the next step will be, it was announced that the Secretary-General may take his position, and then one will have to wait for any reactions from that side.What he knows today, he will not send the email.

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