Driving on closed roads and lines in large parts of Finnmark – NRK trams and Finnmark

Driving on closed roads and lines in large parts of Finnmark – NRK trams and Finnmark

Two landslides on National Highway 94 just south of Hammerfest were dramatic for many motorists a short time apart. A dozen cars stretched for 17-18 hours.

At around 8pm on Monday, the Police Operations Center announced that a plow truck was finally arriving to recover the cars. They will then be sent south in the direction of Kvalsund.

Just before 10 p.m., most motorists were given a chance to leave the area, police said. A taxi left with no electricity.

Three lorries are still left in the area, lorry driver Ridis Glusaskas tells NRK.

He has car trouble and is waiting for roadside assistance from Hammerfest. That can only come when the road opens, which Glusaskas hopes will happen on Tuesday.

Rytis Glusauskas has driven the all-weather route for five years – and is well prepared to manage a night or two in the car.

Photo: Tor Evan Matthiessen

– I have refrigerated and frozen products for the Coop at Hammerfest. I'll be here, making sure the unit is working properly and things aren't damaged. The driver says that's why he couldn't get out of the car.

From what Glusauskas could see, it was stuck about five hundred meters south of the mail van from Alta. Also, there is another truck that he cannot identify.

He himself is in a good mood. After five years of traveling between Trams and Hammerfest in the harsh Sennaland, he knows the storms well.

That's why he's also prepared: his box is 26 degrees and has all the food and drinks he needs, he tells NRK.

Church and shop open

Hammerfest promotes the municipality All road users should turn around and follow the column towards Kvalsund.

We encourage those who have the opportunity to arrange accommodation with friends and acquaintances, Mayor Terje Rogde writes in a press release.

The church in Kvalsund has opened a congregation house that can receive those in need of shelter. The parish house has a kitchen where you can prepare food and drink.

According to the municipality, the local store is also open.

Patients and paramedics were evacuated by rescue helicopter from a landslide on Highway 94 south of Hammerfest.

Discharged patients

On Monday afternoon, a rescue helicopter was used to rescue two patients and paramedics who had been waiting for 12-13 hours after the landslide hit Akkarfjord around 3pm last night.

According to Eirik Palm at Finnmarkssykehuset, the ambulance initially thought it would be too fast to leave the area. That's why the helicopter didn't arrive earlier. It wasn't an emergency situation, and the patients were well taken care of, Baum says.

New estimate Tuesday morning

According to the Swedish Road Administration, new assessments will be made on Rv. 94 Kvalsund Bridge – Hammerfest and Rv. 94 at 09:00 in Leirvik Hammerfest.

Local snow is expected in the Nord-Troms and Finnmark regions on Monday, the Met Office said.

A yellow warning states that there may be difficult driving conditions locally due to snow on the roads. Convoy driving may be introduced and roads may be closed at short notice.

The closure on the E69 between Hønsa and the Nordkapptunnel was put in place on Monday 22 January 2024 due to bad weather.

Due to the storm, the blockade on the E69 and the Nordkapp tunnel was reduced on Monday morning.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Road closures and convoys at 9pm on Monday:

See vegvesen.No For updated information

E69 Repvåg–North Cape Tunnel. Column driver, last column 23.30. New estimate 09.00.

E69 Skarsvåg–Nordkapp: Closed due to bad weather. New estimate at 08:00 on Tuesday.

E69 Normanset–Skipsfjord: Column driver.

Rev. 94 Kvalsund Bridge – Hammerfest: Closed, new estimate 09:00, Tuesday.

Fv. 98 Ifjordfjellet: column drive.

Fv. 98 Lakselv – Porsanger in Børselv is closed from midnight to 05.00 due to bad weather.

Fv. 889 Snefjord – Havisund in Masi: Closed due to avalanche and bad weather. New rating on Tuesday at 11:00.

Fv. 888 Bekkarfjord–Hopsidet: Column driver. Open at midnight.

Fv. 889 Kokelv – 889 Snefjord closed due to bad weather. New estimate Tuesday at 06:00.

Fv. 889 Havøysund barrier – Snefjord closed due to avalanche and avalanche danger.

Fv. 894 Kjøllefjord – Mehamnelv Bridge: Column driving from 12:30.

Fv. 8024 Akkarfjordbotn – Finnelv closed due to avalanche. New estimate at 09:00.

Fv. 8026 Hønsebyhamn-Kjerringholmen closed due to avalanche. New rating at 12:00 on Tuesday.

Fv. 8026 Akerfjord-Strømsnes closed due to bad weather.

Fv. 8026 (ferry) Akerfjord-Keringholmen ferry route is cancelled.

Otherwise, fog and poor visibility have been reported at many places. The Swedish Road Administration is asking motorists to be aware of animals on the road, especially reindeer and moose.

In the Nord-Troms and Vest-Finnmark regions, a yellow danger warning for snow was sent out by the Meteorological Agency on Monday.

A yellow warning for avalanches was sent out in the Troms and Finnmark regions on Sunday afternoon.

Photo: Bureau of Meteorology

Yellow hazard warning in Finland

A yellow warning for storms has been issued in Finnmark, from Heckingen to Slednes.

According to the Meteorological Centre, there is a possibility of minor storm in the region.

A yellow warning has been issued for ship icing. This applies to exposed coastal and fjord areas in western Finnmark.

In Nord-Troms and Vest-Finnmark regions, snow is expected. This is due to strong winds and fresh snow on the ground.

Keep the right equipment in the car

The police in Finnmark wrote on Facebook before the weekend that it has been cold and bad weather in Finnmark lately. This results in detours and road closures.

– We want to remind everyone that the weather changes here in the north and it is important to have enough equipment to deal with the cold in case of an accident, the police write on social media.

They advise bringing thick clothes, flashlight, ice scraper, starter booster, folding shovel, blanket, first aid kit, simple food and drinks in the car.

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