Acer, Trikeway Slackswold Role | Espen Barth Eide Acer drops the bombshell: now Vedum answers

Acer, Trikeway Slackswold Role |  Espen Barth Eide Acer drops the bombshell: now Vedum answers

LØRENSKOG (Nettavisen): – We are not going to give Acer and the supervisory board of the EU more power.

That's what Trygve Slaksvold told Vedam Netavisen during the Center Party's national board meeting in Lorenskök outside Oslo this week.

This puts him up against Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide (Ap) in a case that could cause a crisis between his own party and its government partner, the Labor Party.

In a collision course

On Friday, Ede left Nation And the government confirmed that it will introduce the EU's fourth energy market package.

The package, also known as the “clean energy package,” is the follow-up A third energy market packageThis led to a heated Acer debate in 2018.

It is the EU's fourth energy package

* Adopted in the European Union in 2018 and 2019. Also known as clean energy package.

* Consists of eight different legal acts, including:

– A renewable mandate in the law requiring at least 32 percent of the energy mix to be renewable by 2030.

– Energy Efficiency Directive targeting at least 32.5 percent energy savings by 2030.

– Directive on Energy Saving in Buildings.

– Revised regulation for the Energy Agency (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), which will have a greater role and more power.

* All legal acts, except one already adopted, are now being evaluated for inclusion in the EEA Agreement by the EFTA/EEA countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Source: NTP

Among other things, he writes, Norway will need to develop a fast track to developing onshore wind power Nation. This is almost the opposite of the situation in Norway today, where the municipal right of veto through planning and building legislation is present.

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The introduction of the package in Norway “will complete Norway's integration into the EU's energy market,” Marit Arnstad, parliamentary leader of the Center Party, had previously said. VG.

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simons Norway was punished For taking so long to introduce a directive adopted in the EU in 2018. Letter In March he gave Norway until August 13 to incorporate the directive into the EEA agreement.

Simons has threatened Norway with “consequences” if the package is not introduced. Now that he is getting his way, the Foreign Secretary is to be believed:

– It has been left for a long time, but now Ausland is dealing with it, Barth Aid told The Nation on Friday and pointed to Energy Minister Terje Ausland (AP).

– We must be the right partner for the European Union. It is true that Norway has postponed this for a long time and we want to work towards it. The Minister of Energy is primarily responsible for this. But yes, that's the idea, Ede added.

He clearly says no

The Center party has previously backed itself completely on the issue and there is speculation whether the case will ever come to an end. Government crisis – i.e. the Center Party gives an ultimatum and threatens to leave the government.

– I am against introducing the EU's fourth energy market package and giving Acer more power, says Vedum when asked what Nettavisen thinks about Eide's plans.

– But Ede says we have to do it, doesn't he?

– I haven't read the case, but Vedam replied that the central party is in any way against giving more power to Acer and the EU's supervisory board.

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– This UnacceptableMarit Arnstad said?

– We are not going to give Acer and the European Union supervisory board too much power. We believe it is wise to retain as much national control as possible. It is not the policy of the Center Party to give Acer more power.

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– What happens if ParthEde and the app want to do it soon, but you don't?

– We can discuss it with them, but we don't want to.

– Will there be a crisis for the government then?

– No, we will find a solution, but we will not introduce … our whole objective is that we will not introduce … give more power to the European Union. It is not about the government. It's about vision, and the Center Party will always stand up for Norway, says Vedam, who interrupts several times during her answer.

– Can you sit in the government that introduces it?

– Now we will solve it first and then we can discuss the matter on the day it comes to the government, replied Vedam.

– Looks like there's an argument ahead of you?

– Everyone knows what the Center Party thinks, that's what I'm saying.

Rejects possible compromise

The government has debated whether it could avoid disagreements by skipping the fourth energy market package and introducing EU directives straight away. Next project“Fit for 55”.

For professional journalism Energy and climateBarth Eide confirms that this was a topic, but nothing will come of it.

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– It is true that such a discussion took place, but I do not see the meaning in it, says the Foreign Minister.

He tells the trade magazine that it is important to reduce the backlog of EU laws that have not yet been incorporated into the EEA agreement. He writes that more than 470 of them are on the waiting list Energy and climate.

Asland crypt

Nettavisen asked Energy Minister Terje Ösland if he supported Eide's statements. The case is on Asland's desk.

State Secretary Elizabeth Sether (Ap) responds on behalf of Aasland.

– I am sure that we must continue to work on reducing the backlog of energy-related legal acts. Dialogue with stakeholders and the EU side. However, it is important that we fully evaluate the content of the terms. We work to protect Norwegian interests. It is important that the peculiarities of the Norwegian energy system are taken into account in a good way. We are in good talks with the European Union on this.

Netavisen asked Åsland when the directive would be introduced and whether Norway would comply with the EU's August 13 deadline, but this was not answered.

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