A dead man was found in Lake Fursund

A dead man was found in Lake Fursund

– We still do not have a secure ID on the deceased, but there is reason to believe that the deceased is a missing person, says John Age Zachariasen, Acting Chief of Police at the Farsund and Lingdal Police Station. A friend of the motherland.

Relatives of the missing woman have been notified.

On Thursday morning, divers from the fire department were searching for the woman. He was last seen on Saturday and was on his way to a concert in the city centre, but got away from his entourage.

Discovered by divers

Miriam Isabel Gittlesland was last seen wearing a black suede jacket, dark blue denim trousers and white trainers. Photo: Private/Police

The body was found by divers in the sea in the area where the missing woman was last seen. Akter Police District said in a press release that the deceased was found shortly before 10:00 am on Thursday.

– Now we usually send the deceased for an autopsy, both to secure the identity of the person involved, but also to determine the cause of death, says Sakariasen.

The woman was found outside a wharf, in an area with shops, businesses and homes. It’s very close to where she was last seen, but there shouldn’t be a surveillance camera in the area.

Do not suspect any crime

to do Daily newspaper Sakariasen said everything points to the missing person being found, and police do not suspect any crime.

Police are continuing their investigation and, according to Sakariasen, are sitting on a lot of information.

– We have many clues including data and phone information. He insisted that the investigation will continue until the cause of death is clarified.

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Police are asking the public to get in touch if they have any observations or photographs or video recordings from the area around the discovery site, from Sundestranda through the center of Farsund to Dorvet and Amphi.

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