Norwegian Tipping, Lotto | Gjøvik is the man from the new lottery millionaire

Norwegian Tipping, Lotto |  Gjøvik is the man from the new lottery millionaire

Lotto has a super draw four times a year. Norsk Dipping reveals that Websites The Super Draw on Saturday 24 June ended at NOK 31 million, giving away NOK 31 million in prizes.

Million prizes were distributed to 29 winners of one million each, and two co-operative banks with 20 winners winning NOK 100,000 each.

Innlandet county has four million winners on Saturday. One of them is a 60-year-old from Gijovic. When the million announcement came, it erupted in total joy and some juicy comments.

– Now I don’t have to report anything later, the winner laughs. The prize can be used on a new car, but most often it all goes into a savings account.

– I’ve played lotto since it started, but it’s mostly small prizes. I will continue to play, he said.

Another winner in Innlandet was a man in his 60s from Sør-Aurdal. When the latter received a call from Hamar, it was a happy man who answered the phone. He put the phone on speaker so that his two visiting sons and their families could hear the conversation.

– Now I’m going to continue enjoying the whole evening with the family, says the man happily.

The remaining two winners in the county are from Elverum and Ringsaker respectively.

Norsk Tipping says they are now in the process of calling the winners.

Here are the 29 million winners:

Actor – Three winners

A girl from Kristiansand

A man from Kristiansand

The man from Grimstad

Inlandet – four winners

The man from Elverum

The man from Gjøvik

The man from Sør-Aurdal

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A man from the Ringsaker

Nordland – a winner

The Man from Helgeland

Oslo – Two winners



Rogaland – Four winners

The man from Haugesund

Woman from the Sun

The man from Karmoy

Man from the Sun

Trams and Finnmark – three winners

A woman from Tromsø

A woman from Sore-varanjar

The Man from Harstad

Westfold and Telemark – two winners

The girl from Larvik

Female Homestrand

Westland – Four winners

The girl from Oigarden

The Man from Bergen

The girl from Osterøy

A woman from Voss

Wicken – six winners

A woman from Nordre Follo

The man from Ringerick

The man from Lear

A girl from Waller

A girl from Westby

The man from Hemsedal

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