Winmonopolt opens outlet in Sveio municipality – NRK Westland

Winmonopolt opens outlet in Sveio municipality – NRK Westland

With cake and alcohol-free bubbles, another municipality in Norway received sales from Vinmonobolet.

Vinmonopolet then opened a shop in the Westland municipality of Sveo, located in the south of Westland on the border with Rogaland.

The municipality has a population of around 6,000.

Thus, 237 out of 356 municipalities in Norway have one or more pollutants.

– Now 95.6 percent of Norwegian residents live in a municipality with a beer hall, says Vinmonopol press officer Jens Nordahl.

In order to pass through Nålauga to Vinmonopolet, the municipality must have both a certain amount of commerce and housing, in addition to fulfilling a number of other conditions.

– Nordahl says that no pole should operate with a deficit.

Residents of Sveio are satisfied with the opportunity to buy Polish products without having to drive to neighboring municipalities.

– I think it is important to have a pole in the municipality, says Victis Eatswak, who went to the store to buy a few drops of Aperol, a bottle of prosecco and red wine on the opening day.

Now this municipality also has Winmonopoly. But there are many more on the waiting list.

Photo: Olav Rolli / NRK

Wanted a pole for a long time

A municipality has long been an aspiration in Sveo.

Newly elected mayor André Mundal Haukås (H) had the honor of opening the pole.

– Now the municipality has an unprecedented offer, says the mayor, who has no fear that alcoholism will increase in the municipality.

He thinks that selling goods in Nainarsk is an added joy. If you walk into the store in Rogaland’s neighboring municipality of Haugesund, you’ll only find “red wine”, “white wine” and “sparkling wine”.

– Here they have red wine, white wine and sparkling wine. He says it is very nice.

From left to right, Marit Bjelland, Brit Jorunn Haukås and Eli Vaage.  Pol in the municipality of Sveio

Marit Bjelland (left) already preserves a bottle of red wine after the opening of the pool in the municipality. Britt here with Joran Haukas and Eli Wage.

Photo: Olav Rolli / NRK

Many are waiting for the pole

Although there are poles in many Norwegian municipalities, it is still a dream for many

All in all it is 77 Municipalities Those who have a municipal council resolution to have a pole.

But not everyone gets it. For some, it never comes, Nordahl says.

To pass through Nålauga, the municipality must have a certain revenue, residential population, and not be far from the nearest polar outlet.

– Many municipalities without a pole have almost no trade, he says.

Eidfjord Municipality in Westland is one of 13 police municipalities in the county.

– There is a municipal council resolution from the 2000s to have a pole. Last winter, we had a meeting with Winmonopoly about setting up here. Outgoing mayor Anders Wadley (SP) says we still don’t meet the criteria.

According to Wadley, small business is one of the basic characteristics of the municipality, which is, among other things, a stopover for many slums.

– Wadley says it’s about stopping more people in the Eidfjord.


The municipality of Eidfjord in Vestland is one of the many municipalities that still does not have a pole.

Photo: Linda Bjorgen / NRK

Excited about what they are selling

In Lærdal municipality, they have a pole.

– I considered the pros and cons. If I get a pole sale, I lose the opportunity to do things Free shipping. If I get a sale, it will be a limited choice, says Lærdal’s mayor Autun Moe (Ap).

The store in Sveo is a branch of Vinmonopolet in Garmoil Osen. They are open three days a week and have a selection of around 500 items.

Anne Catherine Silverbird, Dhruva Sveio.

Anne Kathryn Silverbird is the manager of the Winmonobolt store in Svio. They are the last store opened in Norway.

Photo: Olav Rolli / NRK

– We are a bit excited about which products will sell the most at Sveio. But I think I managed to put together a good selection. Now there are more sides and alcohol-free ones, says store manager Anne Katherine Silverbird.


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