Trouble with Easee charging box could cost housing associations hundreds of thousands – you need to do it now – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

Trouble with Easee charging box could cost housing associations hundreds of thousands – you need to do it now – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

On Monday, Nkom announced that it did not contest the Swedish Elsäkerhetsverket’s decision in the Easee case and was against a sales ban in the EEA.

Banning sales to the condominium in Brine, where Alf Berg is chairman, would be costly. The condominium has 16 garages and its infrastructure is suitable for easy chargers. But easy chargers are installed in only five.

– If we refuse to sell, we stand still and cannot expand. We know more people will buy electric cars, so it’s not sustainable, says Berg.

Alf Berg is president of the housing association in Bryn

Alf Berg is the head of the housing association in Braine. He is satisfied with Easy Chargers and wants to continue using them.

Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK

If many of the residents want to get an electric car, and the sale of easy chargers is prohibited, the whole infrastructure of the housing association will have to be changed.

– As a housing association, we think this is a difficult situation. We may be criticized for choosing a supplier that we cannot continue. I have to say that I have a little doubt and need to discuss with experts.

According to Lennard Torkelson, general manager of L-Team Brain, if they had to change the structure, it could be a costly affair.

– Thorkelsen estimates that if a housing association replaces a facility, it would be two hundred thousand kroner.

It is still unclear who will foot the bill.

Prohibition of Sale – No Prohibition of Use

Refusal to sell easy chargers will keep electricians like L-Team busy in the future.

Lennart Torkelsen, General Manager and Founder at L-Team Brain

Leonard Torkelson is general manager and founder at L-Team in Braine, Rogaland.

– All in all, 700,000 chargers have been delivered, and there is no doubt that this will be an industrial problem, says Torkelsen, who did not install Easy Chargers from Sweden. supported the sales freeze.

For now, people should stay calm, says Thomas Iverson, senior counsel at the Consumer Council.

– The Directorate for Community Safety and Emergency Preparedness says there is no danger in using the chargers. It can be a ban on sale, but not a ban on use – the two are different things, says the Consumer Council.

Easy charging boxes can be used as before.

– If there is an order to install a new surge protector, people should have it installed free of charge. But Iverson says we’ll have to wait and see further development.

The next important date is June 15. The deadline in the EEA to protest the Swedish Electricity Safety Commission’s decision on the sales ban.

If no one does, it’s illegal to sell Easy Chargers.

Insurance companies say so

– If there are installations in houses and buildings that do not meet the norms, it is a violation of insurance norms. It is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment you have at home is approved.

It says ole irgens in trick forsicring. He says consumers don’t need to take any action before the charger is banned in Norway.

Irgens says consumers should let their insurance company know they have this charger at home if the use is banned.

Charger on wooden paneled wall.
Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK

Director of Communications Øystein Thoresen in Kgensitke Nkom’s decision also says it currently has no ramifications in terms of insurance.

– Consumers will not face any problem when it comes to insurance company. Thoreson says you can’t charge customers for already buying the product.

In case of fire or similar incidents, the policyholder will not be affected, he says Sigmund Clements, Communications Manager at IF Insurance.

– In that case, the insurance company will ask the manufacturer for assistance. But there is no warning that using easy chargers is dangerous. We communicate with it.

Izzy is disappointed

L-Team Brain’s general manager, Lennard Torkelson, says he’s disappointed by Easy.

– We purchase a product from a supplier and we consider it to be in compliance with regulations and standards when it is released to the market. On the front end, says Torkelson, we in the industry have been duped by the manufacturer.

Co-franchise manager Berg knows that the Easy case has put them in an awkward position.

– All my thoughts were rushing around the corners with Easy. They quickly came up with a good idea, Berg says and continues:

– In hindsight it is clear that they probably should have approved this before selling it.

Martin Langeland, Marketing Manager at Easee understands that electricians and customers are frustrated.

– We accept that criticism. We are not good enough at documentation. The chargers they installed were safe, but not adequately documented, Langeland adds:

Martin Langeland, Easy's Head of Marketing

Head of Market at Easee, Martin Langeland.

Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK

– We understand that many people are disappointed with us. We should lie down and ask for forgiveness.

Who should pay if a housing association replaces the entire infrastructure as a result of a sale ban?

– These are some of the effects we need to find out. We are working on new products that are compatible with our back plate solution, which is very important for housing associations. We want to solve that, says Langeland.

– Do you pick up the bill?

– We have to accept the responsibility we have to take. We will return to the details.

Martin Langeland, Easy's Head of Marketing

Martin Langeland is laying the flat on behalf of the company.

Photo: Ole Andreas Bø / NRK

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