Hospital being built for children – No room for PET scanners at Ålesund hospital – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Hospital being built for children – No room for PET scanners at Ålesund hospital – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

PET/CTAmong other things, the machine, which detects cancer patients, is in a temporary room and should be out of there by 2025.

Then there was the plan that it would move into a completely new and approved campus because the hospital was undergoing a massive development of 1.2 billion.

But now there is not enough money to build the arena anyway.

Health workers have expressed concern that new hospital buildings across the country are being built too small.

– Incomprehensible

It was the association “Sykehuset Vårt” that collected the money and donated the machine to the hospital. Chairman Runer Paulsen is upset that the offer may now be terminated.

– I couldn’t believe what I read. Here, the award is given to the best quality hospital in the European context. The boards of both Hells Mør and Romsdal and Hells Mid-Norek have approved the initiative at Ålesund Hospital. Then we risk losing the offer. He says I don’t understand this.

He pointed out that Helles Mid-Norek already uses this type of diagnosis in very few healthcare institutions in the country, and that the disappearance of Ålesund’s offer would greatly affect patients in Møre and Romsdal.

The machine is currently in temporary premises, but there are strict requirements for radiation protection, so there must be an approved premises.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

– Great gift

Per Eric Dodenes, head of the diagnostic clinic in Ålesund, says the machine is a gift they are very happy with.

– It is wonderful to have the best PET machine in all of Europe in Ålesund.

He says that the machine is being used in more departments and it is very important for them not to suffer a setback in the capacity that the employees have built since they do not have their own premises.

Eric Dodenes, Head of the Clinic for Diagnostics, Ålesund Hospital.

Eric Dodenes, Head of the Clinic for Diagnostics, Ålesund Hospital.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

– We have detailed a new part for this machine and a similar machine that makes this special offer. So getting it there is our first priority, but that’s written in the funding, he says.

Helse says Møre and Romsdal Continue to work on how to resolve the situation, but the economy is a big challenge, and it has begun urgently.

Hells Mid Norek’s managing director, Stig Slordahl, says Hells More and Romsdal’s financial management determines how long they have to wait to get the premises for a PET scanner.

Alesund Hospital

A new emergency department, a new intensive care unit and a renovated operating unit are to be built at Alesund Hospital, but there is currently no money to build rooms for the PET/CT machine, which will diagnose 400 people a year.

Photo: Øyvind Sandnes / NRK

I think many hospitals are built too small

The medical association has long been concerned that Norwegian hospitals are being built too smallAnd among other things, it’s much easier to cut building stock when price increases lead to budget gaps.

Both Medical Association And Educators Each has prepared reports showing that hospitals in Norway are being built too small, and they believe the funding model needs to change.

Anne-Karin Rhyme

Anne-Karin Rime, president of the Medical Association.

Photo: Medical Association/Thomas B. Eckhoff

President of the Medical Association Anne-Karin Rhyme Running a hospital can be expensive if there are too few or small rooms and health workers have to queue up to perform their duties.

He points out that both Akershus University Hospital and Østfold Kalsnes Hospital were built for young children. Also, trustees are concerned that the currently under construction Stavanger University Hospital and Hammerfest Hospital will be too small when finished.

– We are working hard to change the model, but it feels like a defensive battle, he says.

Hammerfest Hospital

The new Hammerfest Hospital is under construction.

Photo: Alan Cloe / NRK

Marte Lauvsnes, head of Sykehusbygg HF’s consulting and early stage department, disagrees that new Norwegian hospitals are generally built too small. But success It is important to learn from previous projects.

– We have had a good conversation with the medical association about that. And the so-called project model will be used As a basis The hospital will soon be completely revised to account for the size of the buildings, says Lauvsnes.

Hoping for a solution

At the hospital in Ålesund, they did not give up the fight to get a place for the important diagnostic machine that benefits around 400 patients from Møre and Romsdal every year.

The association Sykehuset Vårt hopes to find a solution with Storting politicians.

– Runer Pålsson says we are going to travel to Starting on 14 November to talk to key politicians about the lack of funding for the development of the Ålesund hospital.

The PET/CT scanner at Alesund Hospital is one of the most modern diagnostic machines in the entire country, with nearly 400 patients using the machine last year.

The PET/CT scanner at Alesund Hospital faces an uncertain future.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

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