Bella (76) declared dead – knocked on the coffin

Bella (76) declared dead – knocked on the coffin

Bella Montoya, 76, who was pronounced dead over the weekend in a hospital in Papahoyo, Ecuador, was not as dead as the doctor was.

The Associated Press wrote that the woman shocked her relatives by knocking on her coffin in the aftermath. The custom of observing the dead before burial.

The agency spoke to the woman’s son, Gilberto Barbera.

He says the family immediately took the mother to the hospital, who informed them of her death.

– We were all shocked, he told the Associated Press.

He was also quoted as saying that, according to doctors, the mother’s condition remains serious.

Man rose from death and went straight to drunkenness again

to be investigated

Ecuadorian health authorities said Monday that Montoya has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Martín Icaza Hospital in Papahoyo.

The Ministry of Health is investigating her condition. A committee will examine the hospital’s procedures for issuing death reports.

The Associated Press wrote that the 76-year-old woman was hospitalized last Friday after suffering a possible stroke and cardiac arrest.

When she did not respond to CPR, a doctor at the hospital pronounced her dead.

He was found breathing in the funeral home

He was found breathing in the funeral home

– I saw she was breathing

The family received written documents that Montoya had died, and took her to a funeral home, the son says.

– There were about 20 of us. About five hours later, the coffin began to make a sound. My mother was wrapped in sheets and beating on the coffin, and when we got closer we saw that she was breathing heavily.

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Despite the “resurrection,” the family is told there is little chance of her surviving, the son continues to go to the Associated Press.

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