Disappeared without a trace: – – Case should be closed

Disappeared without a trace: – – Case should be closed

The kangaroo first came to public attention when a group of boys from Gjerstad encountered the marsupial on their way home from a party. The encounter between man and nature was captured on camera and went viral in the media and on the Internet.

Since then it has been quiet.

Except by phone to Nils Harald Reierson, animal manager at Den Lilly Tirehage in Brocklandshea, municipality of Gjerstad.

He has received calls from both Vestfold and Sørlandet – from people who believe they have seen the jumping animal.

– We have received many phone calls. Reiersen tells Duckblade that if it’s written about in the media, people will have it in their minds when they see other animals.

But after more than two months on the run, the kangaroo may have had its last summer, the animal expert says.

– Could it be dead?

– The answer is yes, it can happen. We’re surprised we haven’t had reliable observations for so long, Ryerson says—emphasizing that it’s not a lack of effort that has led to the animal’s lack of discovery.

For the first time since kangaroo jumping, Den Lilly Dierparken’s hope is that he will return with his own machine. Subsequently, they are looking for the Australian national animal.

– We tried everything we could in the local area. What we hope now is that there will be more activities in the forest in relation to hunting. We have contacted local wildlife associations. We believe that working with people and dogs in the wild can provide answers, she says.

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The head of Gjerstad’s branch of the Norwegian Hunter and Fishing Association, Jostein Vestøl, tells Dagbladet that the hunters of Agder municipality are ready to contribute with sharp eyes throughout the autumn season.

– There will be significantly more people at the “show”. We will help as much as we can, Vestøl tells Dagbladet.

Reiersen does not rule out that the kangaroo can still live out the happy days of life on the wooded moors in Gjerstad.

But the animal keeper has two theories about what might have become of an Australian at the end of Norway if the accident had happened in the first place.

– Could it have been taken by a lynx?

– A lynx can Take a kangaroo, but the probability of it getting stuck or falling is very high, adds Ryerson:

– The last one we noticed was near a railway line – not sure if a train had hit it at night and recorded a kangaroo attack instead of a deer.

But if the kangaroo lives out the happy days of life on the packed lanes of Gjerstad – it may have sustenance for some time to come.

In June, Ryerson compared the eating habits of kangaroos to those of sheep.

– This can be compared to a goat. It feeds on leaves, grass, shrubs and trees. There is no danger in this, he said.

A warm August has plenty of trees.

– When it comes to food, Ryerson says there is no challenge.

Despite the fact that the mystery of the kangaroo continues, the zookeeper promises that the public will be notified if a definitive answer emerges in the fall.

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– As soon as we get the answer, we will inform about it. We want to close the case. Ryerson says we’d rather get a disappointing answer than no answer.

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