– So much anger, so much sadness

– So much anger, so much sadness

A 19-year-old man took his own life after the crime in Strammen, Sorefold.

– I'm angry about what happened, not angry at him. Brian Grundvold Northei (19) tells VG that there was never a bad situation between us.

His stepfather's coffin was next to his mother Elin Nordhey Portey (46) and his stepfather Terje Osmund Nordhej (46).

During the funeral, the accused killer was remembered as kind and caring.

– It's true what they said, he was like that. There is no evil in him. He was kind to everyone, Brian says today.

The police found no motive or anything to indicate that the killings were premeditated.

– I don't think anyone can understand what happened. This makes it difficult later. But I won't say I'm mad at him, says Brian.

The 19-year-old stood up first Saltenboston.

Side note: Sarfold bid farewell to the trio who died on January 23. Photo: John Longhawk / NTP

Brian lives in Fauske with his girlfriend. On New Year's morning, mother and stepfather, the priest and the municipal chief doctor came to the door with the news of the death.

– I think words cannot describe, says the 19-year-old about his reaction.

To him, what happened seems completely unreal.

– It's anyone's worst nightmare, Brian says.

The last three months have been characterized by strong emotions.

– A lot of anger, a lot of sadness has come. It was exciting and sad. I think about it every day and it always rings in my head. It's absolutely terrifying.

Brian didn't think the pain would ease.

– Grief will never subside, it will always be with me.

He declined the Psychosocial Crisis Group's offer for further talks.

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– I don't think I need it. I was very well looked after by family, friends and my boyfriend. I don't feel the need of others.

After the murders, he was mistaken for his stepfather, the same age.

– That's terrible. I did it and people thought I was dead. I have received some nasty comments on social media.

Brian chose to come forward at Saltonboston. Viji also wrote about the burden he felt due to rumours.

Today he is well received in the local environment.

– People worry and ask how things are going. But if I don't bring it up, it focuses on what happened. That's the best thing about close friends.

Sympathy: Candles are lit and flowers are placed outside the home where the tragedy occurred. Photo: John Longhawk / V.G

Brian was young when his parents divorced. For many years he lived with Mom and Dad every two weeks until seventh grade when he moved in with his mother in Faske.

– Dad and I had a good normal father-son relationship.

Brian has lived with his 16-year-old stepsister and 11-year-old half-sister for years, and says he's closely attached to both of them.

The 16-year-old girl locked herself in the bathroom and called 113 the night of the murder. An 11-year-old boy was stabbed.

When Brian visits her in the hospital, he asks if they can talk about something positive instead of talking about the horrible things that happened.

– I thought we both needed a break. She loves cats. I showed her pictures and video of my cat.

Shock: The murders shocked Strawman in Sourfold. Photo: John Longhawk / V.G

A 19-year-old feels that life must go on.

– If I'm going to move forward, I have to look ahead, think ahead. I need to focus on the good things I have. On boyfriend, on cat, on family, at school.

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Brian takes a gap year after high school to gain general studies skills. The goal is to enter nursing in Bodo next academic year.

– If I do not lie at home and do not bury myself, I will leave well. I have close relationships with friends and family. That is the most important thing.

Scene: Police at the family's home on New Year's Eve. Photo: John Longhawk / V.G

The 19-year-old has criticized several media outlets for covering the incident.

He was in the car when the family had to honk as a large TV camera on a tripod blocked the road below the house where the murders took place.

– But what pissed me off the most was what happened at the funeral.

Brian reacted strongly to the release of pictures from the Avisa Nordland church and the funeral procession behind the corpses, against the wishes of the relatives.

– A 19-year-old today says he felt like he had been punched in the face.

He also says that photographers “sneak up and take pictures” after the funeral.

– It was so disrespectful, it was absolutely disgusting.

HARD DAY: Three coffins stood inside Roswick Church and three stretchers waited outside after the funeral. Photo: Preben Sørensen Olsen, VG

Stik Jakobsen, editor-in-chief of Avisa Nordland, tells Soldenbosten that the newspaper wants to act softly and does not want to add a stone to the load.

When he learned of the photos, he contacted the Northey Bodo newspaper, which did not immediately publish the distant photo from the church hill.

Jacobson also says he apologizes to Brian Grundvold Northey.

– I think it's in its place, the 19-year-old tells VG.

VG was in touch with Jacobsen on Good Friday.

– Avisa Nordland does not want to cross any boundaries in any way. The picture from the church, where there was a reaction, was taken with the permission of Provost Sven Becker. It was asked – and accepted – if it was only from the back of the head and from a distance, the photographer agreed. At Northe's request, he writes in an email, we are also not publishing the distant image of the pyre on Church Hill.

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Stig Jacobsen
<-Stig Jacobsen

Avisa is the teacher in charge at Nordland

– I understand that public interest in something so intimate and painful can feel painful. In fact we never intended to add a stone to anyone's burden. If I hear that it was perceived that way though, I must apologize.

Prost Becker doesn't remember being told about outdoor photography.

– Without people, it was open to the press to take pictures in advance. Avisa Nordland then asked to take pictures from the gallery before the ceremony. No problem, Becker tells VG, but I don't remember any talk of filming from a distance outside.

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