Premises with liquor licenses require a collective agreement – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Premises with liquor licenses require a collective agreement – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

I think we will get better quality and more loyal employees, says Olav Kåre Jørgensen, kitchen and restaurant manager at Smia.

Currently, the municipality has specified that liquor shops must be licensed to sell liquor. want They have employees Collective agreement.

For workers, this is a big advantage. Ensuring that they get what they deserve and their rights. This is very important, says Jorgensen.

They have always had a collective agreement for their employees, but now their competitors must follow suit.

According to the federation, only the municipality of Kristiansund currently sees such a need in the country.

Ømer Karadag is a chef in Smea and thinks it is important that such a demand is seen.

Photo: Eirik Haukenes / NRK

– Never seen before

Mayor Kjell Nærgaard (AP) explains that it started when the federation expressed its desire to all municipalities in the country to weed out rogue actors. Christiansund took this very seriously.

It is great that we are the first and I think most municipalities will follow. We all want the nightlife industry to be serious.

Kjell Negard

Kristiansund Mayor, Kjell Neergaard (Ap).

Photo: Eirik Haukenes / NRK

They have decided to require foreign states to submit documents of collective agreement with employees within three months of issuance of liquor license.

It is referred to by the municipality, Nærgaard.

The Fellesforbundet municipality is happy with the request it has just seen and was surprised when they found out about it.

I have never seen this before. Kristiansund is a pioneering municipality. We cheer them on, says Cecile Sollesvik, Head of Department of Fellesforbundet Department 065.

Many crimes

In Norway, Søllesvik says there is already a minimum wage requirement, but a collective agreement would give employees more protection.

He believes this will ensure a level playing field and contribute to recruitment in a sector that is understaffed.

Employees influence their workday through rosters, working hours, pension and welfare programs. It makes their workday so much better, says Søllesvik.

Ane Julie Folde and Cecilie Søllesvik in Kristiansund Community Association

Ane Julie Folte and Cicely Sollesvik at Fellesforbundet in Kristiansund.

Photo: Eirik Haukenes / NRK

Ane Julie Folde, a company employee in Fellesforbundet department 065, visits the industry often and knows how important such an agreement is.

It is a very fun and good business, but we see many violations of working hours rules, overtime rules and minimum wages. For 16-year-olds and younger, hourly wages are much lower there.

But we have a minimum wage rule, does this help the claim for payment?

– I think Many employers are aware of minimum wage regulations if they are required to pay a statutory wage or receive a request for a collective agreement to obtain a liquor license. “I think more people will familiarize themselves with the regulations when it affects them financially,” Folte says.

At Smea, they have a collective agreement because it is a request of the employees. If they’re both going to serve alcohol, then go for it.

It costs a little, and it does. But as an employer it seems to me a legitimate problem with respect to following laws and regulations, says the employer.

He believes it would be an advantage for all restaurants and pubs to have a collective agreement.

It seems to me that it belongs above the staff, says Jorgensen.

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