Police after Askim shooting: Man kills two parrots – threatens his car with knife

Police after Askim shooting: Man kills two parrots – threatens his car with knife
Police after Askim shooting: Man kills two parrots – threatens his car with knife

After last week’s incident at Askim and Maison, the man in his 20s has taken the position of both accused and offended.

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He has been discharged from hospital, police prosecutor Andreas Heldel told VG on Wednesday morning.

The man is currently in custody.

He was critically injured in a police firing in a field in Askim last week.

Not long ago, the man threatened a car in Meissen. Here he used a knife, Heldel tells VG in an email.

It is said that no one was injured here. The man then drove the car off the road to a farm in Askim.

The police said that after a threatening situation arose, they targeted the man’s leg and attacked him. Special SectionSpecial SectionThe function of the division is to hear cases on the question of whether employees of the police or public prosecutor’s office have committed a criminal offense in the service. An investigation into what happened at the field is ongoing and no further details about the case will be released at this time.

The man has been charged with aggravated robbery, intimidation of the police, breaching the Road Traffic Act and breaching the Animal Welfare Act.

– The police lawyer writes to VG that the alleged violation of the Animal Welfare Act relates to the unlawful killing of at least two birds.

It must be about parrots.

This happened on the same day – before the police firing on Askim.

The man was already known to have killed another man’s animal.

– The investigation seeks to clarify how they died, Heldel writes.

– As of today, the accused has not been interrogated by the police, but has given a brief explanation in a prison meeting, he explains.

Police are currently examining the “materials found” in the case.

– Heldal writes that the sequence of events including the accused’s movements leading up to his encounter with the police is under investigation.

According to the police prosecutor, the man pleaded guilty to reckless driving, violating the Animal Welfare Act and driving without a valid driver’s license.

A person under the age of 20 has a previous conviction.

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