The peak of heat is Mars

The peak of heat is Mars

– There is some changeable weather in store. Local afternoon showers – typical of summer weather – are lurking in eastern Norway today, duty meteorologist Julie Solsvik Vahane tells Talkbladet.

On Monday and Tuesday, summer stuck out like a sore thumb in eastern Norway. High humidity and temperature combined with sweat sticking to the back of T-shirts.

But moisture heated by the sun falls back down as rain, Solsvik Vaughan says.

– There will be some rain and perhaps occasional thunderstorms, the meteorologist says, with the highest temperatures on Tuesday before cooling down a bit on Wednesday.

Error: In the middle of a live broadcast, things go wrong for meteorologist Jennifer McDermet. Correspondent: Maja Walberg Klev. Video: CameraOne/Fox9
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– Some rain is expected

You know, Norway is bigger than Oslo and the Middle East Norway – and take In use all over the country Dagbladet asked a meteorologist what the weather is like outside the Oslo crater.

In the last 48 hours, more rain has fallen in southern Trondheim. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency is monitoring the situation closely.

– When it rains for a long time, the soil is saturated with water and we can have consequences like floods and landslides. For the next two days, some rain is expected in the same area, they write on Twitter / X.

– We have seen the most consequences in Trøndelag and we are monitoring the situation there, says Solsvik Vaughan.

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However, local conditions make it difficult to predict in advance where rain will appear, he explains.

– But this is an area that already has a lot of water, he says, which makes the soil simpler closed Water – This makes it hard when it rains heavily.

– But where is it better in the north?

– They will also get a little rain in the north, Solsvik Vaughan says that in fact there are warnings of forest fire danger in many places, and points out that it has been hot and dry in many places in the north recently.

Temperature bingo

Despite changing weather conditions and uncertain rainfall conditions, many parts of the country will remain relatively warm, says the meteorologist.

– Temperatures will be between 20 and 25 degrees in eastern Norway today. He says it will be around 20 or so tomorrow.

Western Norway is five degrees cooler than eastern Norway.

– It will be around 20 today and below 15 degrees tomorrow, he adds:

– Further north, there is some temperature variation depending on cloud cover. Cloudy areas recorded 12 to 15 degrees.

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Solsvik Vaughan says it will be cold at the end of the week.

– There are still summer temperatures, but it will be cooler by the weekend, he adds:

– Maybe it’s a little early to cancel summer.

NB! In Agder – which was forgotten by the journalist – it is expected to be up to 20 degrees on Tuesday according to The journalist apologizes for saying no They have taken the entire country is in use.

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