Weather in Bergen: Snowing now

Weather in Bergen: Snowing now

– I believe and believe that we will not get the same snowy weather in January, says the meteorologist.

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In January, snow caused chaos in many places in Bergen. After several days, snow is now returning to the city.

According to Yr, it will snow in Bergen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

– Snow is sure to come, but it's hard to say how much due to low pressure movements. During Tuesday, ten centimeters of snow will be expected in Bergen, according to Leonidas Sophoridis, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute.

The snow was long in January

Snow is on its way

In the mountains and inland areas, there will be 15 to 20 centimeters of snow.

– We are transitioning to calmer weather than what is behind us. But it's going to be cold weather, and more snow today, tomorrow and Thursday morning.

Snow has created challenges in many places in Bergen recently. Many buses were stopped across the city.

– I hope and trust that we will not have the same snowy weather as in January. We had good snowfall then, but at the same time we also got some practice, says the meteorologist.

According to Tsopouridis, a gauging station in Florida recorded a maximum of 38 centimeters of snow in January.

– It looks like it could take an hour or two for the snow to start today, but it's coming. Then it looks like it will be a little easier tonight, then it will start again overnight into Wednesday and all day.

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Children played in the snow on the soccer field in Møhlenpris earlier this year.

Skiing in Floyn

The weatherman says the snow will come as thunderstorms on Wednesday and not as persistent as Tuesday.

– Either way, it's wise to allow a little more time when it comes to transportation. Things are always happening when there's snow in Bergen, so check road and weather reports and stay up-to-date, he says.

– Can you go skiing in Fløen?

– Yes, but it's better to wait until Thursday. Then the weather gradually clears up and it looks like we'll finally get some sunshine.

In January this year, buses stopped at Watmyra due to snowfall.

– Keep your distance

It gets a bit colder at night. The magnitude is minus five. Zero degrees during the day.

– It's getting colder, so the snow stays put. The weather forecaster says the weekend will also be fine.

Vegtrafikksentralen is well prepared for the coming snow, and there are already crews to disperse.

– Contractor has done preventive works but road users should drive according to conditions and allow plenty of time. They must pay attention to warnings, check tires and keep a distance from cars in front to avoid unnecessary accidents, says Krister Eide, traffic operator at the Norwegian Road Transport Agency.

Snow in Mohlenbriss in January.
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