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Council: Marte Majesty says he will return with a number of measures to help people with electricity bills.

The government now wants to make grid rental cheaper where there is a higher electricity price. But how and where is still unknown.


Southern Norway is currently experiencing high electricity prices, and many fear its consequences.

The government announces a number of measures to help those with bad advice and everyone with electricity bills.

One of these may be to equalize build rent in many parts of the country. In the Hurdle Declaration, the new government writes that it must balance the geographical cost of building rent.

How high your electricity bill will be is determined by the price of many services, including electricity, phase rent and fees accepted by the authorities.

Phase Rental Power covers the maintenance, operation and development of the grid – and it varies in different parts of the country. Currently, electricity prices are skyrocketing in some parts of southern Norway – and measures introduced by the government will ensure that expensive electricity is cheaper. Now, Petroleum and Energy Minister Marte Mjøs Persen (Labor) tells VG.

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– We should at least arrange it so that it benefits the people who now have high electricity prices. But even there I will come up with a more definitive model. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that it should be cheaper where it is now higher and not more expensive where it is lower now.

– Can geographical variation be used to reduce electricity prices in areas close to the city center or only in districts?

– Now there are high electricity prices in many parts of the country. Both the city and the country have been affected by high electricity prices. We need to look at the specific design so that we promote activities that benefit each person.

– But will it benefit the whole of southern Norway, including the big cities?

– When we see what the model looks like we have to go back to it.

– It will return

Mjøs Persen will not answer questions about when the government will take steps to reduce electricity prices.

– We will bring action quickly. We need to look at the totality of the proposed measures and return to it.

– But when? Are you in a hurry now?

– We will see the total of activities. I was the Minister of Petroleum and Energy for six days. We will talk about this between different ministries. The Minister of Petroleum and Energy is not alone in making decisions, but we have pointed out various avenues. We will come up with measures that will affect those who have the least and those who do not have the least, which should benefit the electricity customers in terms of tariff.

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– Is this next week?

– We’ll get to that.

Government: Jonas Care Store and Drive Sloxwald claim to want to help people with electricity bills.

Housing facilities will increase

Housing is a government-sponsored program for low-income and high-income people.

Finance Minister Drive Sloxwald (SP) Tells Vijay They will increase support, but come back with details in a few weeks.

The signals are positive, but it’s urgent, says SV vice president Kirsty Bergstey.

On Thursday, several projects will be voted on in Sorting to help people with electricity bills, including proposals from various quarters to increase housing facilities.

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