PST accuses guest inspector of espionage against state secrets – VG

PST accuses guest inspector of espionage against state secrets - VG

Suspected spy agrees to custody but pleads not guilty.

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The person is charged with espionage activities against state secrets that damage fundamental national interests (Article 121 of the Criminal Code).

Violations of this section are punishable by fine or imprisonment for up to three years.

Prosecutor Marijana Lošić is defending the man at the Oslo District Court. He says he has no time to comment before the prison meeting because he needs to be familiar with the case.

NTB writes that the man accused of being a spy agreed to be detained.

– After the indictment he pleads not guilty, Losik writes an SMS to VG.

The jail meeting was supposed to start at 1 pm but was postponed till 2 pm.

The accused must first appear in court. But before 1:45 p.m., the district court says the jail sentence will be considered. Office businessImprisonment will not be dealt with in a court session, but in an office. For example, this is common if the accused agrees to serve prison terms.

Trained at Trandum

Monday this week The Nord-Dromes and Senja District Court ruled That man can are absorbedFor example, internment is the term used to detain foreign nationals who do not cooperate in mapping their identity. for four weeks.

NRK first wrote that it knew the PST was targeting a suspected spy.

He is staying at Trandum, the police’s immigration detention center in Ullensaker municipality, where he is doing well under the conditions, said guardian Thomas Hansen.

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The Police Protection Service (PST) believes the man is pretending to be Brazilian but is actually Russian and working for one of the Russian intelligence services. They want him out of Norway.

He is suspected of illegal espionage that may harm fundamental national interests and espionage that harms the security interests of other states.

Thomas Hansen had helped the man before he was charged. He He told VG earlier The suspect is in shock and doesn’t quite understand what happened.

Got a one way ticket

The Ministry of Justice notified the man on October 20.

On Thursday, Hansen confirmed that the spy suspect had one One-way ticket out of the country He left on October 25 – the day after his arrest.

However, he said his client had explained that the flight ticket had been cancelled.

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