Recording high dividends in the first half of the year

Recording high dividends in the first half of the year

A record amount of dividends has been paid in the first half of this year, according to new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) for shares listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange (VPS).

In all, shareholders received NOK 171 billion from listed shares during the period, an increase of NOK 69 billion over the corresponding period last year.

Statistics Norway says: “No higher earnings have ever been recorded in the six months since statistics began in 2012. Part of the explanation for the high dividend yield is the good results achieved by companies.”

Those who received the most dividend payments were the General Administration and Overseas. Their payments in the first half of the year were NOK 68 billion and NOK 64 billion, respectively.

For households, the dividend payments totaled $7 billion, according to Statistics Norway.

crush last year

Hence, 2023 is set to crush last year in terms of dividend payments. Already in the middle of the year, the total is about to surpass the total for all of 2022.

In 2022, a total of NOK 191 billion will be paid out in dividends and share certificates.

The total return on securities last year amounted to 253 billion, with a growth of 78 billion from 2021.

In addition to the dividend, the amount consists of $61 billion in interest payments from bonds and certificates.

depreciation in the second quarter

After the first half of this year, the total market value of securities listed on VPS has reached NOK 6,681 billion, Statistics Norway figures show. This represents a decrease of 2.0 percent from the first quarter of this year, which equates to a depreciation of $136 billion.

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The value of listed shares decreased by 2.7 percent to NOK 3.681 billion during the second quarter. The value of the bonds decreased by 1.3 percent to NOK 2.755 billion. Here, a larger recovery over the period is indicated.

Statistics Norway also reports that NOK 54.8 billion worth of listed shares were sold online during the second quarter, as a result of large redemptions at the end of the period. Internet’s best-selling public administration – for $35.9 billion.

Households listed NOK 157 billion worth of shares in the transition period from Q2 to Q3, having bought NOK 2.4 billion net worth of shares in the second quarter.

Also mentioned is the fact that net sales abroad were around NOK 57 billion last year, mostly in oil stocks.

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