The shooting of Brainseng in Oslo – the culprit on a large scale

The shooting of Brainseng in Oslo - the culprit on a large scale

– The persons concerned rushed to the spot. What we have fallen for now is that we are looking for a culprit, ”Line Scott, operations manager at the Oslo Police District, tells NDP.

The Oslo Police Department has written that no arrests have been made so far in this case Twitter just before 9.50pm.

The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital. The course of events and the extent of the damage are unknown.

– Now we create an image of what happened. What can I say about the injuries sustained by the victim, the operational manager says they are compatible with gunshot wounds.

Is awake

Shortly before 9.30pm on Monday, Scott said police were holding two or three people with witness status. According to the operation manager, the victim, a man under the age of 20, was awake and breathing for his own machine.

– Couldn’t question that person yet. We have a patrol with him, but Scott tells NTP that it is difficult to get him to talk because of the treatment he is receiving.

According to police chief Brian Scottness, the man was shot in the abdomen.

Tramway reported Metro traffic resumes at 21.50, but commuters expect big delays.

Scott says there is no reason to believe that the culprit poses any danger to others.

– Not based on the information we have now, he tells NTB.

Witnesses thought they were being shot

Says one of the witnesses Aftonboston She was waiting on stage for the tunnel at the Brainseng station when the shooting took place.

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– People ran and then cut two shots. Everyone on stage was scared. We ran to the end of the stage, standing there in a cluster, wondering if they should shoot us, Says the woman.

She says it took ten minutes for the police to arrive in the subway car where the young men who fled the scene were, and she was the one who informed the driver of the car.

– I think it’s scary, sorry. This is not Oslo, it’s not our city anymore, she says.

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