Limit NOK 350, VAT | Now the limit of 350 kroner is exceeded

Limit NOK 350, VAT |  Now the limit of 350 kroner is exceeded

If you buy textiles for less than NOK 3,000, you can avoid the extra cost. After the New Year, VAT will be levied on all goods except textiles.

This means that Norwegians have to pay extra to order goods in Norway, regardless of the price of the goods.

– The 350 limit was lifted on 1 April 2020, but it was a temporary solution at the time as the post office did not have the capacity to check millions of packages from abroad. This temporary solution will now go away, says Jarle Hammerstad, head of industry policy at Virke, Nettavisen.

Textile goods up to NOK 3,000

There is one exception to this scheme, and that is textile trading by foreign companies. Here you can shop up to NOK 3,000 without value added tax.

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The NOK 350 limit will last a little longer – but it will disappear soon

The VOEC program makes it possible to buy textile products from foreign websites for up to NOK 3,000. Zalando and Boots, among others, can shop without paying VAT.

– Virke has asked the government and the Storting to remove this tariff as soon as possible, says Jarle Hammerstad, head of industrial policy at Virke. NRK.

He explains to Netavision that the desire is to help Norwegian companies. Virke wants the textile tax to be scrapped and value added tax on other goods at the same rate.

Foreign companies cheat

“Foreign companies to pay value-added tax is nothing new,” says Hammerstad. The difference from before is that packages sent to Norway will now be checked.

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– There has been a lot of fraud, many foreign companies do not register with the tax administration in Norway and then no tax is paid, Hammerstad tells Netavisen.

Well-known cheap chains from China, Shien and Wish, are two companies that have taken advantage of the fact that there is no value-added tax regulation in Norway. The products on these websites are significantly cheaper than many other places, making it difficult for similar Norwegian companies to compete.

Think good, and the boundary will disappear

Hammerstad says he is satisfied that this limit of NOK 350 has disappeared.

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New Year introduces full VAT on online shopping under NOK 350

– Virke is happy that this arrangement is coming now, because there will be equality between Norwegian shops / online shops and foreign businesses, Hammerstad tells Netavisen.

He says that since there are not yet many companies registered with the VOEC scheme, it is difficult to monitor whether various shops are actually paying VAT.

While Norwegian companies have to pay this tax, many foreign companies get away with it. As it will now be better regulated, it will be easier for Norwegian companies to compete.

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