– A little mystery

– A little mystery

For decades, strange humming noises have been reported in several places around the world. This phenomenon is described as “tinnitus” or “ringing.”

Those who hear the sound describe a low-frequency humming sound and say that once they hear it, they can’t stop hearing it.

And now it may seem that the phenomenon of “The Hum” has also appeared in the small town of Omagh in Northern Ireland.

A possible meteorite passed over eastern Norway

Few heard it

Only about 2 percent of people who live in a “tinnitus-prone” area can hear the sound, most of them between the ages of 55 and 70, according to a 2003 study by Jeff Levinthal, an expert on sound, noise and vibration. . This is what the newspaper writes NBC News.

Residents of the Northern Irish town of Omagh have been reporting similar sounds since September, and are now explaining what they are hearing and where they believe the sounds are coming from.

-You hear it when everything quiets down around 10 or 11 p.m., it’s hard to describe. It’s a low hum, like an engine. This won’t keep me awake, because I have enough noise in my head, one man told the newspaper Watchman.

Some residents believe that it is the wind and weather that create the sound, while others state that the sound could come from lampposts, a nearby local gold mine, or that the ground beneath the city is moving, and that this is how the “hum” was created.

“It’s a bit mysterious, like the Loch Ness Monster really,” says Barry McElduff, an Omagh resident and political consultant, about the sound.

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under investigation

City residents began reporting the tinnitus in September this year, with many saying it ruins sleep and peace of mind. This led to the opening of an investigation by the Environmental Health Department, District Office.

The administration said that due to the large area of ​​​​the place where the sound was reported, it is difficult to find the exact source.

– Officers are currently investigating using specialist equipment or purchasing specialist companies to help discover the source of the noise, according to The Guardian.

This is the most silent place in the whole world

This is the most silent place in the whole world

A well-known phenomenon

What causes “hum” and why it only affects a small percentage of the population in certain areas remains a mystery, despite a number of scientific investigations.

According to NBC News, industrial equipment is usually the suspected source of this phenomenon. Other suspected sources include gas lines, electrical power lines, and wireless communications devices. But only in a few cases was the sound linked to a mechanical or electrical source, according to the newspaper.

Some also say that the sound is the result of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which is only audible to a small number of people.

In general, the sound is mostly heard indoors, and is louder at night than during the day. This phenomenon has also been reported more often in rural areas or in suburban environments.

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