Trump, Donald Trump | Donald Trump Jr. explains himself in the fraud case against his father

Trump, Donald Trump |  Donald Trump Jr. explains himself in the fraud case against his father

Former President Donald Trump, his two eldest sons, and the Trump Organization have been accused of cheating to get better conditions from banks and insurance companies by inflating company values.

Donald Jr. is a co-defendant in the case and the first of the siblings to explain themselves in court. After him, it’s Eric’s turn on Thursday, while Donald Sr. is scheduled to be on the witness stand on Monday, November 6. Ivanka Trump is scheduled to explain her position on November 8.

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The lawsuit filed in New York is just one of many legal entanglements for the former president of the United States who will also be the next president. Right now, he is clearly ahead of the other candidates in the race for the Republican nomination.

While the fraud lawsuit in his hometown is a civil case, Trump also faces four criminal cases. Among them are cases in both Washington, D.C., and the state of Georgia related to attempts to overturn or undermine the election results three years ago, in which Trump was defeated by Joe Biden.

When the head of the family moved into the White House and became head of state, the children were mainly Donald Jr. And Eric, who took over the management of the Trump Organization. The central position in the real estate company means that they also have a central role in the court case. Their father doesn’t like it.

-Leave my children alone, Engoron. You are a disgrace to the legal profession, Donald Trump wrote on social media on Wednesday morning. The letter was addressed to Judge Arthur Engoron.

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Trump denies any wrongdoing and has repeatedly accused both Engoron and Attorney General Letitia James of political bias. Although he was gagged and not allowed to speak publicly about court employees, he broke it twice. A hoax against Ingoron’s top representative resulted in a fine of $15,000 – just under 170,000 kroner.

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