Hidden recordings of SVT’s “Uppdrag Granskning” rock the poultry industry in Norway – NRK Trøndelag – Local News, TV and Radio

Hidden recordings of SVT’s “Uppdrag Granskning” rock the poultry industry in Norway – NRK Trøndelag – Local News, TV and Radio

In hidden footage, we see an animal protection activist who goes undercover at one of Swedish Aviagen SweChick’s facilities and is hired.

Among other things, the activist has filmed injured chickens being eaten, chickens plucked for their feathers, and chickens being killed without first being stunned.

The chickens belong to the Rose 308 breed, which accounts for 70 percent of the chickens sold in Norwegian stores. Nordura says that Norway’s entire Ras production gets its eggs from Swedish Aviagen hens.

Over the course of a month, 100,000 eggs arrive in Norway from Sweden.

Nortura tightens controls

The breed is controversial because it was bred to grow quickly, and Nordura plans to phase it out.

Now they want to speed up the plans accordingly VG.

– We believe there is good reason to see if we should speed up now, managing director Kjell S. Rakkenes tells the newspaper.

Kjell S. Rakkenes is Nortura’s Managing Director.

Photo: Nordura

Northura tells NRK that he did not approve of his appearance in the report. They requested a meeting with Aviagens.

“We are primarily horrified by what we are seeing and the way the company has handled this case,” says Rakkens.

We will now contact this company and ask them to respond to the many questions and criticisms that SVT makes.

Sweden has the same supervisory system as Norway, he says.

We trust that the supplier follows the regulations and that the supervisory authority in Sweden follows up and informs us of any violations.

We see that this is not enough, and we need to tighten our own controls.

Euthanasia had to be done in Norway

Rakkenes describes animal welfare in poultry production as good in Norway.

Then there are exceptions. In the past year we have encountered two situations among our producers where we had to cull a flock of chickens.

Can you tell me where?

No, I can’t do that. This is the relationship between us and the producers. But Nardura followed the deviations we had to make in our product.

According to the CEO, it should be about injuries or bone problems discovered in chickens.

Screenshot from SVT's report.

Revelations about the neglect of breeding chickens in Sweden have consequences. Images are screenshots from SVT’s report.

Photo: Djurrättsalliansen

The Network for Animal Freedom writes to NRK that these revelations show grotesque animal abuse.

The reason these animals eat each other alive is because they are bred to have very fast growing, voracious appetites. When animals are denied food, it ends up in cannibalism, writes ethicist and spokesperson Tor Grobstock.

If Nardura cares about animal welfare, they should stop using Aviagen’s monster chicken Ross308. If they don’t, even after these gruesome revelations, they show that there are no limits to the kind of animal cruelty they can tolerate.

– Chickens shouldn’t be like this

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority also reacts to SVT’s report.

The pictures show extreme conditions, chickens shouldn’t be like this. Animals must be protected from unnecessary suffering and stress as stipulated in the Animal Welfare Act.

It writes Nina Brogeland Laache emailed NRK. He is head of the department of animal welfare at the head office of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Lachey continues to write They expect everyone who supplies animals for food production to treat the animals well and follow the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act.

Whoever undertakes the work of producing the food we eat bears all responsibility for the health and welfare of the animals. We expect those who supply livestock for food production to treat the animals well and follow the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act.

Even Pollestad reacts

I would like to emphasize that good animal welfare is essential in all animal husbandry. All animals must be well and that is the producer’s responsibility.

Agriculture and Food Minister Geir Pollestad has not been able to watch the TV show, but writes in an email that the footage he has seen of the case shows unacceptable animal husbandry.

Pollestad also writes that RThe Norwegian Forest Service is preparing a report for Storting on animal welfare.

Knowledge of animal welfare for poultry farming will be an important part of this work, but Pollestad is tight-lipped about what right now From recommendations on poultry farming.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food wishes to communicate with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and obtain information on the situation in Norway. He enjoys it too Nordura, which imports eggs from Sweden, is actively pursuing the matter and facing challenges.

Keir Pollestad

Agriculture and Food Minister Keir Pollestad consulted with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on the situation in Norway on Wednesday.

Photo: Øystein Otterdal / NRK

– Hell

Cleveland’s Animal Protection Alliance Live Cleveland tells VG it has never seen conditions worse than those depicted in the project.

– This is hell. If there is a hell, this is what it looks like.

– When a hen lies on the ground, she breathes more and more chickens eat her. They pull out her intestines and eat her alive. Chickens with feathers plucked all over the body, large dirty wounds with bones on the chicken.

Mentioned in Norway Nation Case first.

Already the day before the release of SVT’s “Uppdrag Granskning” documentary, the news came The company’s CEO resigns.

According to VG, the recordings were made only at one of the company’s facilities in Sweden. SVT refers to inspection reports that have found similar problems at several of the group’s facilities.

Here You can view SVT’s full report.

Here’s what Aviagen SweChick responded to in an email to a Swedish TV channel:

“We see that our company, Aviagen SweChick, has failed to maintain our high standards. We would like to apologize for this and will try to do everything in our power to resolve all deficiencies as quickly and completely as possible.

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