The listener family got a new neighbor: – completely large animals

The listener family got a new neighbor: – completely large animals

On Tuesday this week, the family dog ​​Milo completely “clicked”, Han Kuri Böhmer tells Arne Dogbladet.

She and her family live opposite a large apple orchard in Asker, Bærum municipality. He says that it is absolutely impossible for a dog to remain calm. They found reason among the apple trees next door.

– In the darkness we saw the outlines of a large elk. Stayed here for several hours that night. It went near the apple tree and ate some apples and lay down and rested. It seemed to enjoy itself very much.

It was messenger He was the first to mention the subject.

– Spectacular

At dawn, the king of the forest disappeared into the forest near the family’s house. But the same evening came again.

– And then the same thing happened. It enjoyed lying down and relaxing.

Again, Milo the dog is “totally cow,” says Böhmer Arno, who has a good view of the apple orchard from his bedroom and a moose outside the window.

– It’s very attractive. They are absolutely huge animals.

The next day, she called a game board that came to inspect the area.

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Come drunk

Jan Lind Budstikka from the wildlife group in Bærum says it’s common for moose to visit buildings at this time of year.

– Now there are a lot of fallen fruits. Eli likes it. He says that if it first finds a place where it likes itself, it will happily return.

According to Lind, moose may drink and eat whatever fruit they have access to.

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– The fruit ferments in the stomach, thereby intoxicating animals. Fortunately, because of that it rarely becomes invasive, it becomes more urgent.


Bøhmer Arnø has given the neighborhood the name “Egil” and considers the visit pleasant.

– I was never afraid. I was mostly concerned that the dog wouldn’t wake up the whole house and the neighborhood. But it’s obviously a big animal, so you don’t want to keep them that close for long periods of time.

Böhmer Arno observed that people in the area would walk their dogs near the moose without the moose or the dogs reacting.

– I haven’t heard of anyone having negative experiences. It doesn’t have horns, so it could be a female. I don’t see children either. It was probably the quietest kind.

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To stay away

However, the Wildlife Board has advised people not to catch moose.

– If that doesn’t work, Lind says you should contact us Budstika, and occasionally moose are sent into residential areas to drive away moose that get too close.

According to Budstika, moose were seen approaching both Tanum and Lommedalen earlier this week.

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