Now the snow is coming back to eastern Norway – VG

Now the snow is coming back to eastern Norway - VG
Before winter: E6 in Oslo on February 1 this year.

Replacing summer tires on the weekends may not be a good idea. Meteorologists are now predicting 5-10 cm of snowfall early next week in parts of eastern Norway and southern Norway.


Writes Saturday on Twitter Meteorologists:

After a month in eastern Norway, King Winter is a new entry with almost no rain. Remember winter tires! ⁇

– There is low pressure on the way to Skagerrak on Monday with east-northeast winds over eastern Norway. Hanne Beate Skattør, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Agency, told VG that there may be 5-10 cm of snow, mostly in eastern Norway but also in southern Norway.

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The entire Nordkop municipality is without a road link after the avalanche

On Friday morning, several avalanches in northern Norway created challenges. In Northland, a major landslide occurred in Baysford, at the same time

However, large areas of the mountains in southern Norway are unlikely to sustain this low pressure Easter during such a long snow-poor winter.

– It is mainly 5 to 10 cm in the area around Oslo and the Oslo Fjord. North of Hamar there will be less snow, with a few inches of snow in the mountains. There will be, but not much, Scotter adds.

But it is not certain that the coming snow will disappear first.

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– Where it is now empty, it takes a while for the snow to settle. Previously it was cold and at night it was cold, which applies all over the country. Thus, it may take time for the ice to thaw again.

Acting meteorologist Hanne Beate Skattør says it is too early to tell what the weather will be like at Easter.

– But what we see is that there will be mostly light rainfall and relatively usable weather in eastern Norway. This also applies to Palm Weekend, says Hannie Pete Schottor

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