Traffic: – Slippery roads beware

Traffic: – Slippery roads beware

Latest: At 09.06 Vegtrafiksentralen writes on Twitter/X that a trailer detached from the E6 Karihaugen outbound train. The hanger currently blocks all three fields.

Police said traffic was moving on a one-way lane. Dungberger is coming and there's a lot of line in the place.

In Bjornfjorden in Westland, ten cars may have to be rescued because they have nowhere to go, the West Police District reports in the morning.

– News about traffic jams when cars fight “Hadvikspaken”. (…) report about ice cream. Probably ten cars had to be salvaged because they were nowhere to be found. The most challenging conditions on the site, they write in X.

Shortly before 09.00, Dogbladet spoke to Henning Venas Ribe, a resident of Bjornafjorden. He said that the queue stood for 45 minutes.

KØKAOS: Morning traffic in Bjørnafjorden is heavy. Photo: Henning Venas Ribe
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– Somewhat slippery

Transport operator at Veitrafiksentralen Øst, Tilia K. Mathre, says all available plow workers left on Monday morning.

– They implement plowing and preventive salt. So far, we haven't received feedback on slippery roads, but it can be slippery at places. It is important to adapt the pace to the conditions, she tells Dagbladet.

He talked to the plowmen for two hours but received no complaints about the poorly plowed roads.

– But when it snows as hard as yesterday, it takes a while until everything is cleared and ready.

It has increased again as a result of strong winds in many parts of eastern Norway, but the winds are on the way down.

– The main road network is good, she says.

Alarm sound: - Stay at home

Alarm sound: – Stay at home

– Major traffic issues

Emergency services responded to a report of a head-on collision on the E16 Nes, police write at X at 06.17.

– Two cars collided head on. Two people are involved and both are conscious. Major traffic issues at the site, they write. Romerikes Blad writes that an air ambulance is on its way.

Finn Howard Aus, operations manager for the Eastern Police District, tells Talkblade that both drivers were taken to hospital by ambulance. At around 06.40 hours police worked to open a lane at the scene so that traffic could pass in anticipation of rescuers.

– I don't have an overview of the sequence. But due to the road blocking, there must have been some traffic problems. “I don't know if they're opening a field now,” says As.

Going wrong: - Don't try again

Going wrong: – Don't try again

– Soft in place

He could not comment on the extent of the damage to the two involved, but said both were alert the entire time.

– We don't know what happened. It is reported to be slippery on the spot, but I don't know if that has anything to do with what happened.

In an update shortly before 08.30, the police write that the road is open to normal traffic.

– For an unknown reason a car went into the opposite lane, they write.

Slippery roads were also reported in western Norway. In the Strand, police received reports of a traffic accident on Ryfylkevegen shortly before 06.30 on Monday morning, involving several cars.

– Very soft in place. Everyone involved got out of the cars and woke up. Police write that emergency services are on the way to the scene.

Police write that before 09:00, two people were taken to Stavanger University Hospital for examination. The extent of the damage is unknown, police said on X/Twitter.

Traffic will be directed to the site.

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