– No alternative – VG

- No alternative - VG
In Afghanistan: After landing in Kabul, Derje Waterdale took this picture outside the airport in October.

In the Taliban’s Afghanistan, Norway’s Terge Water wants to work with a radical group to find solutions. – No one wants Taliban rule, but now that they are here, we need to have a conversation.


From the Afghan capital, Derje Waterdall, the country manager of the Afghanistan Committee, followed. Hot debate over Taliban talks in Oslo, With increasing frustration.

– Some arguments are understandable. Others fall into their own unrighteousness. Something is a pure lie of history. Overall, a childhood and hopeless discussion, Watertall tells VG over the phone from Kabul.

Background: The Taliban are coming to Norway to hold talks

Watertall thinks in particular Proposals by FRP President Sylvi Listhaug, Who sat in the government that invited the Taliban here, but was critical of the visit.

Norway has entered Long conversation with the Taliban. There is little reflection on the fact that that conversation continues now. I have also heard allegations that the Taliban “expelled Norway and NATO from Afghanistan.” That is a proven mistake. Waterdall says the West has backed down after the deal with the Taliban.

Taliban Interventions: A Taliban member intervenes during a September 30 demonstration by Afghan women outside a school in Kabul.

– Hunger and misery

One should not forget that, says Waterdale No. It is rumored that the Taliban are on an official visit to Norway, but that meetings are being held in Norway with the participation of the Taliban. A significant difference, he believes.

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– Do not forget that the background is a great need in Afghanistan. If one could help save tens of thousands of Afghans from starvation, the lowest price would be seven million for a private plane.

– You went back to Kabul last fall. What exactly is the Taliban doing in Afghanistan?

– No one wants Taliban rule, but now they are here. There is no alternative, then conversation is the only sensible thing. We have achieved relatively constructive cooperation. But we must continue to demand the Taliban.

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Afghanistan women activist: – This is definitely a start

Extreme forces

At the same time, Waterdall worries that the West may not have unrealistic expectations in its dialogue with the Taliban.

– But the Taliban can not be pushed too far, because the leadership is in danger of losing its own support, so many are moving towards it. More serious IS-K, Or more powerful forces in the Taliban.

In his dialogue with the Taliban, Waterdall believes that the West must adhere to certain unavoidable policies:

– One must continue to seek education that includes women and girls. And one has to demand that a government be formed that includes both women and minorities, says Waterdale.

“But no one in Kabul longed for the power of the previous civilian government, which led to widespread corruption,” he continued.

Activist: Former Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Jamilla Afghani has been expelled from Norway.

Had to flee – attends meetings

Mahbooba Seraj, one of Afghanistan’s leading female activists, on Monday VG said the talks were “a start”.

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Activist Jamila Afghani, They had to leave Kabul when the radical group seized power, Attends meetings.

– After the takeover in August, the peace process ceased and the lives of ordinary people became a nightmare. He tells Vijay that no one can fight the Taliban and that people want peace and dialogue.

He says representatives of the participating Afghan civil society are grateful to Norway for organizing the conference. “The ice broke and the process began,” she explains.

– The Taliban are a small group of people, but now the victims are the whole population of Afghanistan, living in a very difficult situation. To help them, they need to communicate with those in power. There is no simple and easy solution, says Afghani.

– I was skeptical whether to participate, it was not an easy choice. But I feel I have a responsibility to be here. No contact for several months. We have to try, she continues.

PS: The Taliban say:

Amir Khan Mutaki, the foreign minister of the Afghan Islamists, described the meetings in Oslo as an “achievement” for the Taliban.

– Norway gave us this opportunity, he says it was an achievement for us to be able to share the stage with the world, according to NDP

“After these meetings, we are committed to gaining the support of Afghanistan’s humanitarian, health and education sectors,” Amir Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement told reporters on Tuesday.

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