The store believes that SP did not close the door to the SV. Vedum refuses to respond.

The store believes that SP did not close the door to the SV.  Vedum refuses to respond.

SP leader Trigway Sloxwald will not answer whether the Labor leader was misinformed when he did not ask the SP to close the government door to the SV.

Vedum will not answer questions about whether the store misunderstood SP.

– I have never heard anyone close the door to anyone.

This is how ABS Jonas Kahar Store SP’s attitude to SV commented when Vedam, Store and Erna Solberg met for the first three prime ministerial candidate debates in the election campaign.

The store’s comment came after Conservative leader and Prime Minister Solberg said on the red-green side that no one knew who would cooperate with whom. During the election campaign, the SP leader chose to talk about government cooperation with the Labor Party, but not with the Socialist People’s Party. The store did not realize SP in the direction the party had told him not to cooperate with SV.

After the debate, Aftonboston asked if the store’s report was correct.

I said what we were saying and the National Assembly accepted the decision: we want an SP-labor based government. We think that’s the best thing.

– But did the store understand it correctly?

-I have to say what the National Assembly decision of the party is: it is an SP-labor based government. We think this is definitely the best.

– I know that, but can you answer if you think the store misunderstood SP?

– The store must respond to itself. I answer what the SP’s goal is: it is a government formed by the SP and the Labor Party, the scripture repeats, and he continues to say that it is better to have the policy he wants.

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– That’s why we are going to the polls.

Asked that the door of the SV be left open

This weekend, several SP politicians went out and asked SV not to close the door. Within the party, many have stressed this to the leadership. Sources told Aftenposten.

Sources in the SP Central Board told Upton Post that the party had not decided what it wanted. Majority government Or a Minority government.

Opinion polls suggest a majority government if the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party form a coalition government. If only the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party were to form a government, it would be a minority government.

– Are you happy that this weekend Liv Signe Nowsate and Per Olaf Lundtigen came out in several media and said that SP SV does not have to close the door?

What is so special about the SP is that we have now decided in two rounds that we want an SP-Labor based government. Everyone is now FRP and conservative and interested in changing the centralization and difference policy that is now being followed, the role says.

-I answered the questions

– Do you think it is a problem that you can not answer the questions asked by journalists about this?

– Now I have answered the questions. The answer is that we want an SP-labor-based government. We think this is the best. Then people have to decide what is best for them. But now we are at the end of the interview.

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– Is it better with a majority government or a minority government?

– Of course I would like SP to get the highest support. But voters have to decide. We want an SP-labor based government. Then the voters have to decide the balance of power.

– What do you think about the adventure “Good morning man, handle the ax”?

– I mean the answer to what we say. We believe that is the best thing in Norway. You could refer to anything else as a journalist, but I think it’s the best thing in Norway. That is what we vote for. We adopted it at two national meetings.

– Are you saying I’m saying something here? Do I ask questions?

SP believes, we want SP-labor based government. Then people have to decide what they want. We have a people’s government, it is very good to have a democracy. Then people have to choose for themselves – then we want to change the FRP and the Conservatives, the role says.

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