Here comes the wolf mother and eight cubs

Here comes the wolf mother and eight cubs

Full Concentration – Watch the video above carefully from second to second.

It goes at lightning speed and since it really is, no waiting intervals have been corrected.

The primary, glowing eyes you see in the dark are the sharp eyes of the mother wolf. Then several pairs of eyes come straight out of the darkness.

That’s the herd. Or puppies, as it is called in the animal world. But how many?

Anyway, an hour and a half after sunset, this is a rare picture of a united wolf family captured on a sports camera in the Marker municipality on the Eastfold border with Sweden.


– From the beginning, everyone who saw the record agreed that it was a herd of wolves with a mother and seven cubs. It is rare to have such large debris in a single image. But now they think someone sat at home and saw the eighth wolf puppy on the record. So the wolf mother and eight cubs, the hunter tells Bizerner Berger in Marker Municipality to contact Dougladt.

He himself is in the mountains and has no photographic equipment with him to say for sure about seven or eight wolf puppies.

This recording comes from a single camera in the Retineszone, which stretches as far as Romsk in the Holland municipality of Aursk.

What do you know about the wolf mother here?

– In addition to the code name in the database she also goes by the name Rømskog ledertispe. She has had a baby for the past four years. Four cubs last year, five cubs in 2019. The number of puppies in 2018 is not an overview here and now.

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What does Statens Naturez know about the whereabouts of wolf cubs over the past few seasons?

– One of them was found in Randall, and one of them was shot dead in Aursk Holland. I do not have a complete overview here.


– How is the coexistence with wolves and other animals in that area?

– Camera footage of cameras in the same areas, showing different animals. Birds, moose, deer, sheep and tire. The sheep also graze here. There are no particularly high numbers of sheep losses this season.

Smallness Avis Marker’s rare wolf pictures were first mentioned.

– John Hussekleb Wilberg, a senior consultant at the looting sports division at the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency, tells the newspaper that it is rare to catch an entire herd on one video at a time.

He thinks the wolves recording from the cam camera came from the Romsk area, which runs from Armje to Romsk.

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