– Almost got a little starstruck – V.G

- Almost got a little starstruck - V.G

Actress Ine Johnson gets a surprise visit from famous walrus Freya.

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Many have made pilgrimages to places where the famous walrus Freya was spotted. Actress Ine Johnson was surprised when she suddenly saw that she could have an extra guest on a boat trip.

Not to brag…but this is my boat! #freya”, Johnson posted a video on Instagram in which Freya can be seen attempting to jump onto Johnson’s boat in the Oslo fjord.

– A pleasant visit

– I was almost a bit shocked, Johnson told VG on Sunday evening, adding that it happened earlier in the week.

Freya has Many times they are seen resting on boatsAnd in the summertime it’s a big sensation in Oslo.

Starstruck: In Johnson is an actress known for the movie “Norske Bikecloser” and the TV series “Talk” and “Held Perfect”.

– She made a few attempts, then she swam. She only stopped by for a short time, but it was a pleasant visit, Johnson says with a smile.

Not everyone has equally pleasant experiences with Freya. On Friday, VG spoke with Kristina DunnExperiencing the walrus up close, she realized she was swimming for her life.

was before The Urban Environment Agency in Oslo Municipality has warned As opposed to getting too close to a walrus, recommend a distance of at least ten meters on a boat, jet ski or similar. You shouldn’t be too close to a 600kg walrus.

Freya’s itinerary has been closely followed throughout Norway in recent months. On Sunday evening, the walrus appeared at Volan Marina in Oscar. Therefore, NTP writes that Freya may now be heading south in the Oslofjord.

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