June 10, 2023


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A bear pictured on his way to bowling

On the car route, Kristian Skyttersæter (25) saw the bear running across a field near Lund in Ullensaker municipality. – I thought I saw visions.

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He was on his way to Jessheim with his girlfriend, Susanna Saidakan, and a couple of friends to play bowling on Friday evening when they found what looked like trousers on the ground.

– A bear! I was a bit shocked at first, but it was really hard to enjoy it, says Skitersetter.

It happened by Lund Grendehus in Kløfta in Ullensaker municipality. Probably the same bear seen in Eidsvoll in recent days.

– Bears are very rare in this area. It’s a little scary to consider what a bear can do, says Skittersetter.

On Saturday evening, the Eastern Police District reported a sighting of the bear, possibly in Schetsmokorset – a more urban area.

– There have been many observations on this in recent days. Now it’s seen as an industrial sector, and it’s never been a city before, operations manager Finn Havard tells ASV.

– Bear wanderings are not uncommon at this time of year, just a little unusual for us in the eastern part of the country.

People are encouraged to keep quiet and leave it at that if someone notices it. For example, Aus says don’t follow the car.

Outlandish: Kristian Skyttersæter managed to film the bear.

Skyttersæter posted a video of the bear on Snapchat. It was discovered and shared by a resident of the land, Ole Peter Dag Kronlien. He calls it “his garden”.

– In 2018, a wolf stopped between the garage and our house. Now we need a lynx, says Kronlian.

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He says it’s lucky to see large predators in Norwegian nature.

– I think it’s tempting, but when bears come to houses, I think they should be moved. There are some cubs here, too, says Kronlian, who frequents the field where the bear ran.

Late on Thursday evening, the bear was spotted on the Ness in Romerick, the day before: north of Eadswall. Last Sunday, the bear was spotted between Walsett and Tangan in the Inland District. Then it started moving south, says Olav Mehlum, head of the wildlife committee of the municipality of Ness. He thinks the bear is behaving very well.

– Bear running on the road and near houses and people is very rare, especially in this area. Mehlam says I never heard before.

He says they’ve seen wolves go this way many times, but never endure. He thinks it’s a young male bear.

— Generally not dangerous, but fatal to horses, cattle, and sheep. But Mehlam says they are no longer out to pasture.

Nevertheless, he came into contact with farmers who kept animals in field pastures.

Chairman of the Wildlife Board: Olav Mehlum.
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