Pet stings, hamster | Saw an animal thrown into a bin: – It got out of a plastic bag

Pet stings, hamster |  Saw an animal thrown into a bin: – It got out of a plastic bag

(Sandefjords Blad): Security guard Hip Van Huynh discovered the small animal on Easter Eve night. Then it broke out of its plastic prison in several places.

– I went into the room and turned on the light, then I found something under one of the benches. My daughter had a hamster so I understood it was not a rat. It wasn't that hard to catch. Van Huynh says the hamster was tired and exhausted.

He looked through the tank and discovered that the hamster's “house” had been dumped here. There was plenty of food in the plastic toilet folder, but no water.

– I looked further to make sure there were no hamsters. Then I took the bag and the cute animal to a colleague. He called it animal protection, Van Huynh says.

Thorleif Kihle googled animal protection and found the emergency number for the department in Westfold.

– He says it didn't take long for someone from Vale to come and pick up the hamster.

The keepers realized that the hamster was missing something and tried to bring water to the little rodent. The crab was well cared for at night until the animal protection representative arrived.

– I have worked at Torp for 17 years, but have never encountered anything like this before. This surprised me, says Kihle.

Animal Protection Norway Vestfold

  • Works to help homeless animals and animals in need.
  • Mainly helps animals in Westfold, but also works outside county boundaries if needed and at the request of other local departments.
  • Dyrenes runs the hjellesenter in Skoppum, where previously homeless animals, mainly cats, receive care and fostering until they can be adopted into new, good homes.
  • Transplants cats, 30 rabbits, rodents and dogs.
  • At the time of adoption, the animal is keen to be fully informed to prevent it from becoming homeless again.
  • We are constantly in need of new volunteers and foster homes, please get in touch if you can help.
  • Adoption days are on Mondays and Thursdays from 18.00 to 20.30
  • The public can contact the agency via email: [email protected] or the emergency number (animals in danger) 94978932.
  • You can find animal protection Facebook:
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Source: Animal Protection Norway Vestfold

Fire in the comments

– The beauty bag was full of food, but no water. The little animal was very thirsty, says the animal protection person who took “Nøste”.

The rodent's caretaker posted a short story on the animal rescue's Facebook page. This story was shared 220 times in a short period of time. Opinions also piled up.

“Hi. I'm called Nøste and I was found in the trash at Torp. The airport in Sandefjord on Easter Eve night. I was so scared and alone. Why doesn't the owner want me anymore? What did I do wrong?”

– A real round of rounding should be given here!

– He who dumped the animal had to walk a long way in a very narrow vessel.

– Poor little furry. Have we lost our humanity?

Offenses – It is reported

Bård Kirkeeng, Press Officer for Animal Protection, did not take the incident seriously. He says that a report will be filed in this regard and it is a violation of law.

– We take such an incident very seriously. The person who left the hamster is probably in a desperate situation, but here's where you should have asked for help early, says Kirking.

He believes the hamster's release on the tarp isn't the start of pet “dumping season.” You can read more about legislation that protects our pets and wild animals Animal Welfare Act.

– If you see a sick animal, but there is a known owner, you should contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the police, Kirking explains.

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– Do not litter animals!

The security guard who discovered “Nøste” had never encountered anything like it in his 10 years as a guard at Torp. He couldn't understand that someone would think of throwing his pet in the garbage.

– Fortunately, it went well and we are happy that the hamster has already found a home, says van Huynh.

Animal Protection's call is that if a person can no longer care for their animal for various reasons, there are many organizations that can be contacted for help.

– Please, don't litter an animal! Animals are more valuable than that.

“I am a quiet animal, mostly eating and sleeping, but I am very active at night. Then I am having fun! On Easter Sunday I will go to another place where I will live out the rest of my time in this world. I look forward to it. Happy and peaceful Easter everyone. I'll get that too, best wishes Nasdein”

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