Extreme weather “Hans”: – Power station under water:

Extreme weather “Hans”: – Power station under water:

Våler Fire and Rescue Service’s emergency manager, Kjell Ivar Berget, informs us Easterner.

There must have been a breakdown at the Praskeridfoss power station.

– Berget tells the newspaper that parts of the station are under water and the water is rising, so there is a crisis.

More than 800 electricity customers are suffering without electricity due to power outage.

– Very serious

Elvia has sent a team to the fire department to go to the spot and fix the fault.

The pumping station that supplies water to the entire population of Velar has no electricity and work is underway to connect a set for this.

– This is very serious and we are working on the case, says Berget Easterner.

Knut Arild Bucke, duty commander at Innlandet 110 Central, reports that they are working on site.

– We try to preserve values ​​as much as we can. We support with the crew, Bakke tells Dagbladet.


They are working on it

A spokesman for Elvia, Morton Shaw, says they are working to reconnect customers with electricity.

– 843 customers lost power, Schau tells Dagbladet that 475 of them are in the process of being reconnected to the network.

It is the power station of Hofslund in question, where Schau says there is a transformer station in Elvia.

Due to an error, the power board’s skylights were reportedly not opened, causing water to enter the power plant.

– Water penetration stations have suffered major damage and cannot operate, said Communications Manager Ragnhild B. Abrante Easterner.

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Dagbladet updates the matter.

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