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Lokkøya i Bø.

Low pressure will make its mark during the week in large parts of Norway.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow alert for strong winds in western Finmark and the interior of northern Troms tomorrow. Here they expect winds of 27 to 32 m / s.

– Now we are getting the first autumn storm in Norway, says state meteorologist Eiselin Schrewagen at the Center for Meteorology.

Iceland experiences severe low pressure from the ground from night to Wednesday. In Salton, Ofoten and Lofoten the wind reaches speeds of 27-30 m / s internally.

The wave height will be 7 to 8 meters from Trantolac to Lofoton, where there will be strong winds. Probably not wise to go out on a boat, says Scherwagen.

– Is there any other advice for coastal people?

– Being as close as possible is probably wise, not to travel to the beach exactly on Wednesday. And there was not so much strong wind inland, but it might blow a little there, she continued.

Meteorologists are asking people to check the curves of boats and yachts.

Responsibility: Eiselin Schrewagen, state meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Agency.

Photo: Gunnar Greenstein / NRK

To blow a small storm

It will blow across the entire coast from western Norway to the Norland, but it will be much worse in the north.

– Winds will be strong north of Staten and up to Lofoten and Ophoten, where it will blow south, with a small storm on Wednesday, Scherwagen says.

On Wednesday afternoon, the wind will be calm in this area, while it will take a little south.

Slightly strong winds are expected along Charlende Beach and parts of Rogland on Thursday, the meteorologist explains, before it calms down here.

Axel Joranger on Westerolone.

Flat sea: Nearly flat sea to see from Trehirna on Bø in Westerlean on Saturday. On Wednesday, more waves and strong winds are expected in the Northland.

Photo: Mary Havnen

Indian Summer and Telemark

At the same time there will be the first autumn storm in some parts of Norway and they will be able to enjoy the coming summer in other areas. In Telemark and Westfold, daytime temperatures can range from 20 to 21 degrees in places such as Skien, Porscrone, Krakரோw and Notoden.

– There are huge discrepancies. This is a little special. But sometimes we call it “Indian Summer”. This means that we get abnormal heat during periods when the cold weather, such as the autumn months, is what we need to be, Scherwagen explains.

But according to the meteorologist, we can see soon after the summer days this year.

– It’s autumn now, and low pressure is coming in a row. In the future, there will be more weather than we have used recently, he says.

Link in Cracker in

Indian Summer: Craigare in Telemark can expect temperatures above 20 degrees on Wednesday.

Photo: Hilde Martin Lindgren / NRK

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