Econ, Food Review | Let's all laugh at Egon, one more time

Econ, Food Review |  Let's all laugh at Egon, one more time

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(Oslo Newspaper): And how many times Do they go to Econ and rave about the food, menu and service?

Once a year.

Now there is Aftenposten wave Went to Carl Johann twice: “Terrible restaurant,” “longest worst meal I've ever had,” “watery tacos,” “nothing good.” Roll the dice 2.

Picked up in 2022 ok Trip to the Tower in Trondheim: “Tasteless and full of strange textures”, “It's not innovation, it's laziness”, “The sauce was allowed to solidify under heat lamps for a while.” Roll the dice 1.

In 2022, Nettavisen was also: “The chicken tasted nothing, and the salad and bits of bread with pesto did little to save it all”, “the bitterest marmalade I've ever tasted in my life”, “pork that even the worst English pub would be ashamed to serve.” Roll the dice 2.

This exercise in food review is humbling and exhausting. Haha, let's laugh at all the bad taste people running for money. The food is not good, the service is not good, it is very expensive and generic. Bad, bad wine. So much laughter!

“The arugula is so limp that not even a miracle can revive them.”

Do we have to ask every year? And then they seem to follow Ekon to throw an adjectival party into consideration. And this is starting to become old news. Old news indeed.

There is also a class perspective here. Of course, a food reviewer who drinks chow, impressed by the sous vide and fiddles with sourdough on the kitchen counter would not be Econ's main guest. Why do they go there again and again?

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I don't buy that it takes Ekon's guests seriously. In that case, the right thing is to give a regular dice, which is very interesting.

TN was there In 2016: “The arugula leaves are so limp that not even a miracle can revive them”, “People across the country are shocked to find themselves allowed to eat”, “What are guests really paying for?”

Fredriksstad Blad, Sunnmørsposten, BA and Stavanger Aftenblad have also kept their noses in the air.

Some people want a slightly dry steak and a Spanish wine from Econ

Ekon opened his first restaurant in Norstrand 40 years ago. It's a win. Every time I look at Byporten or Paleet, there are a lot of people there.

They are not stupid. They know what they pay for and what they get.

Not everyone goes to a restaurant and washes their mouths with a natural wine or gets a sour bite with a well-cured meat. Some people think it's perfectly fine to order a piece of dry-aged steak and a glass of Spanish wine in one app, because that's what they want.

I don't know much about restaurant management, but I do know that Econ hasn't survived 40 years as a hobby that people stopped once — and never again.

People obviously go there again and again, so Akon is doing something right, but it's not good enough for the tastes of the upper middle class. Nor does it have to be. Be who you are, Egon!

While ideas in Oslo pop up and disappear quickly, Egon holds its own. Is it as traditional as the grandiosa?

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