Weather – Summer is coming:

Weather – Summer is coming:

– Temperatures will rise, and we will be provided with warmer air masses from the continent. From cooler April to May – the last month of spring – the air also gets warmer.

This is what meteorologist on duty Per Egil Haga tells Talkbladet, and continues:

– In that sense, it will be a big change. When I say hot weather, I mean that some parts of southern Norway get summer temperatures, i.e. above 20 degrees. In addition to a good sun and little rain activity.

European summer: heat, drought and precipitation

– Wish fulfilled

By parts of southern Norway, the meteorologist means the larger parts of the country south of Trøndelag – that is, southern, eastern and western Norway. The week starts with low pressure and rain in the same areas, changing to good weather on Tuesday.

In Oslo, up to 21 degrees will be recorded on Friday next week, according to the weather service Yr. In comparison, Madrid recorded 13 degrees and Barcelona 18 degrees in the same day. While we are first in Spain, as many degrees have been reported in Alicante and Malaga as in Oslo. Alas!

– After the chilly month of April, what many are longing for is good weather news. It's been really cold since October, except for March, which was warmer than usual, Haga adds:

– Most of us are ready for the summer heat and that wish seems to be coming true for many of us.

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They'll also get some good weather up north, but the area of ​​precipitation will move north and affect the first days of the week here as well. Eventually it will be sunny, but not the warm air masses that hit southern Norway.

– Towards both Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, one should expect no more than ten degrees. The southern part of Nordland – namely Helgeland – can get temperatures of up to 15 degrees, but temperatures north of Saltfjellet will be moderate, says the meteorologist.

Record heat alerts

Record heat alerts

– Should not last

– Can you tell summer is here to stay?

– I might have to pour some wormwood into that cup, because the summer heat doesn't seem to last. It will be a bit cooler when we go again next weekend. Then we enter a slightly cooler period.

– So this may not be the start of the summer weather we're seeing now – but a taste of it.

The meteorologist therefore encourages to make good use of the next week, as a period of low pressure will affect the weather picture after this.

– Not necessarily a lot of precipitation, but a little more of the northern weather type – a little more clouds and a little rain.

Warnings: - May be under water

Warnings: – May be under water

Warning of forest fire risk

A bushfire warning has been issued for large parts of the country, which will subside after a day or two of rain. But dry weather and high temperatures can contribute to rapid re-drying, Haga reminds.

– It's best to be aware of this when you're out in nature, which is probably in good weather.

Also, due to low pressure on Sunday and Monday, there has been snowfall in the hills. So if you are going to travel from east to west, you should be prepared that the travel time will be a bit longer than usual.

– And don't use summer tires, because it's still winter in the mountains, says the meteorologist.

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