Cheapest food and drinks at the airport

Cheapest food and drinks at the airport

Oslo Airport (DinSide): Most people probably know that there are so-called “lounges” in major airports.

But not everyone knows this until access to lounges becomes possible for everyone – regardless of the type of ticket and airline. Some have to pay a little extra to get in, but it's really worth it.

Red days: The starting point is that there should be no work on all public holidays. Someone still has to work to keep the wheels turning.
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One of the lounges at Oslo Airport is so little known to travelers that the airport owner refers to it as “the best kept secret at Oslo Airport.”


  • Oslo Airport has opened a new lounge where all passengers, regardless of ticket type and airline, can get free food and drink.
  • The lounge, called the OSL Lounge, has doubled its seating capacity after an extensive renovation.
  • The entrance ticket costs 400 NOK for those who do not have free entry.
  • The lounge also offers meeting rooms, quiet rooms and good charging facilities.
  • The OSL Premium Lounge is scheduled for an upgrade in 2024.
  • Now they are opening their doors again after an extensive renovation.

    Free: With prices at airport restaurants rising, you can quickly save money by choosing the airport lounge next time. Photo: Odd Rohr Lange
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    Private lounge

    This is Oslo Airport's private overseas lounge, which has now been renovated and is ready to receive anyone who wants to use the so-called “OSL Lounge”.

    The new lounge is located next to the SAS lounge on the second floor of the international terminal at the airport. The SAS Lounge requires that you travel with SAS or corporate partners.

    Tourism boom: - Huge increase

    Tourism boom: – Huge increase

    However, anyone can purchase access to the OSL Lounge, which doubled its seating capacity in a recent update. Earlier this winter, OSL Lounge opened a new lounge for domestic passengers as well.

    Good Space: The ventilated curtains make it not feel cramped.  Photo: Odd Rohr Lange

    Good Space: The ventilated curtains make it not feel cramped. Photo: Odd Rohr Lange
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    The cost of an entrance ticket for those who do not have free entry is 400 NOK in both new halls.

    In addition to meeting rooms, quiet rooms, good charging options, and more comfortable chairs, there is also “complimentary” food and drink. With the high prices of restaurants at airport catering establishments, in other words, travelers can save a lot.

    Because all food and drinks in the lounge are included in the price.

    – The food and drink selection changes throughout the day, from a typical Nordic breakfast in the morning to hot dishes throughout the day.

    “We also have snacks, biscuits, chips, pancakes and a selection of drinks such as coffee, juice, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine,” says Katie Eriksen, Lounge Operations Manager at SSP Oslo Airport.

    Two regions

    The OSL Lounge abroad consists of two separate areas: the OSL Premium Lounge for airlines and the OSL Lounge for banking customers and travelers who wish to purchase access.

    Taking Tourist Fist: Removes this

    Taking Tourist Fist: Removes this

    During 2024, the OSL Premium Lounge is also scheduled to be upgraded.

    New look: Oslo Airport's new lounge has a new look and more space.  Photo: Odd Rohr Lange

    New look: Oslo Airport's new lounge has a new look and more space. Photo: Odd Rohr Lange
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    – During February and March, the OSL Lounge underwent a major upgrade. The new expression is inspired by the Nordic countries, and the number of seats has been increased from 75 to 150 through the efficient use of different seating areas that do not compromise comfort.

    Department manager Tone Simonsen at OSL Lounge says the new furnishings have made the lounge feel more airy than before.

    – The airy atmosphere in the newly renovated lounge is ideal whether you want to fill your waiting time at Oslo Airport with some efficient office hours or just need some breathing room where you can lower your shoulders. Our goal is to create a place where all travelers feel welcome, concludes Katie Eriksen.

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