Lyn – Vålerenga – Lost Everything on TV

Lyn – Vålerenga – Lost Everything on TV

the None of Norway's most exciting footballers were in Ulleval last night, but one star player was not missing:

  • There was a lot of drama on the field and excitement from the stands.

This caused, for example, Valerenga's sporting director to completely lose his head during the break:

It is completely unforgivableJoachim Johnson repeated four times In one minute for TV2, he scolded his striker ferociously as if the sporting director of VIF had returned to TV acting at Eurosport, and had no personal responsibility for the young man he had bought himself a few months earlier.

He definitely has that responsibility. Therefore, the taunts live on television were as meaningless as the yellow card for the young Dutch striker.

naturally; Mees Rijks changed this game with his ridiculous tackles.

But it is the cooking in the stands that is changing Norwegian football, giving both VIF and Lyn the chance to survive truly Big clubs again

TV commentator again? Joachim Johnson scolded his player, saying that the VIF president himself should have worked for Eurosport. But he is now sportingly responsible for Oslo's most powerful football club, and he must act accordingly. Photo: Eurosport/Discovery+/NTB
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now Oslo competes with Berlin to be the worst football capital in Europe. For those who love sports, there is a worse fate. You won't find any more fun in the stands than you do on your own, and these two big cities are great.

This popular festival created together by VIF and Lyn supporters in Ullevaal is almost surpassed only by the host city of Berlin. I was there for City's last game before last season's fan favorite Hertha Berlin disappeared again:

  • In a fully packed Olympic Stadium, I saw perhaps the weakest Bundesliga team I have ever seen.

The naive and helpless local team Union Berlin had beaten Hertha Berlin, but after the loss, 65,000 Blue and White fans stood, clapped and sang for their fallen heroes.

If it weren't for the celebratory fireworks of the 10,000 visiting Union fans in the East Swing, you would have thought the home team had clearly won.

The power of the crowd in football cannot be explained more clearly.

I experienced this in Ullevaal on Saturday evening.

Breeds: - The stupidest of the year

Breeds: – The stupidest of the year

the It is magical regarding the fact that two slightly above average football teams in the OBOS series set a new attendance record in Norwegian club football.

Especially for Lin, this match was pure magic. Like Hertha Berlin, Oslo is a great, old, fallen team. Both clubs belong to the most beautiful, upscale areas of the two capitals, and for more than a hundred years they have had the capital and culture that have dominated national football.

For a long time this was class hegemony, not mathematical wizardry. The magic for Len only came when the club went bankrupt fifteen years ago and the true fans refused to give up.

Because there is a line between flags, torches and songs under the decisive one Fourth division match against Lumedalen At the dilapidated Frogner Stadion, and at the sold-out Ullevaal yesterday.

He. She The happy promotion battle dates back to 2012. At the time, local newspaper Aftenposten described the atmosphere as “southern“He stated that the Western Club”Back in top Norwegian football».

She wasn't soft at all. If Hertha Berlin was the worst I've seen in the Bundesliga, the sporting misery at the Olympiastadion was far superior to what Len could perform on smaller pitches in the coming seasons.

It was simple Norwegian football.

or “13 years in the mud – same emotion» As it says on the Big Lane sign in Olvale.

Wild scenes

Wild scenes

but Even more impressive is that so many fans endured the long and dreary journey up and down the lower divisions, eventually filling half of the international arena to watch this still rather mediocre football team:

Lyn is the only team in Norwegian football that can field 100 men in jackets in half an houronce seemed like a cliche about this club.

Now this historic capital of Oslo's thriving areas has been replaced by a cultural capital that could, at best, give Laine much greater influence on the football pitch.

If this latest promotion is followed by sporting stability, the capital will have regained its exciting fans.

Lost city

Lost city

to This is football as an entertainment industry. There, the Norwegian market directly points to adventure in Bodø, prosperity in Bergen, loyalty in Lerkendal, the return of the famous Fredrikstad Football Club in Elitseren, and the revitalization of long-standing Vikings in Stavanger.

The record in Ullevaal shows that there is also a market for the sport in the capital for those clubs that have managed to create a distinctive culture.

The talent suddenly disappeared: - This will soon become a startlingly white sport

The talent suddenly disappeared: – This will soon become a startlingly white sport

to At the top Norwegian level, it does not mean that the players are local. The YMCA, comrades; Oslo's only Eliteserie team, made up almost exclusively of local players, is a coincidence that confirms that Kåffa is in fact a wide club.

There specifically, football in Oslo faces significant social challenges with poor volunteerism, small field capacity, and an unhealthy sense of academicism. This has led to distressingly high withdrawals, and has meant that the West End has taken over the recruitment of a disproportionate number of the best players.

For Norwegian football as a whole, this dismal development in the capital is the most significant challenge, but these social prejudices are not greatly felt at the top. However, player quality is bought with money in the common market of Europe, the United States, South America and Africa.

miracle?  never!

miracle? never!

in the In the lower divisions, Lin himself was an example of this to Last year's upgrade to OBOS. There was clear mathematical progress FirstlyWhen the club got a top coach and had a little more money than competitors in the third and second divisions to bring in players from all over Norway.

Saturday night was just that One Oslo boy in the starting lineup. There, Vålerenga, despite her recent Eliteserien past, is much better at self-recruiting.

At VIF, almost half of the team are local players. A couple also from our junior division. It was Veitvet boy Elias Hagen who brilliantly beat Daniel Håkans to make it 1 – 0 before a sending off changed the outcome of the match and Andreas Hellum scored the equalizer to make it 1 – 1.

With 10 to 11, VIF were more than threatening against a Lyn team that lacked the quality of play to exploit the advantage. However, long throw-ins exposed VIF's physical problems inside the box.

This makes the anticipated promotion even more exciting.

Then perhaps it would be useful for the VIF president to take his head with him when he talks about his players live on TV.

Footnote: Dagbladet commentator Esten O. Sæther played and coached KFUM Oslo between 1977 and 2016 for ten seasons.

To NRK: - Wait!

To NRK: – Wait!

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