Tech stocks soar by double digits after ‘beginning of a new era’

Tech stocks soar by double digits after 'beginning of a new era'

The Oslo Stock Exchange rose at the opening on Monday, but ended in the red. The main index closed at 1,158.97 points, down 0.48 percent, and shares were traded for 3.5 billion Norwegian kroner.

oil prices

Brent crude stood on Monday when the stock market closed up 0.3 percent to $72.78 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude rose 0.2 percent to $68.79 a barrel. In contrast, a barrel of North Sea oil was trading at $72.32 a barrel at the close of trading in Oslo on Friday.

The reason for the rise in oil prices is due to Hurricane Ida, which is now sweeping the American part of the Gulf of Mexico.

– If Ida becomes weaker and less damaged than expected, higher oil prices will temporarily lose momentum, says Jeffrey Haley, senior analyst at OANDA.

OPEC+ will also meet on Wednesday to discuss an expected increase of 400,000 barrels per day. A day in oil production. OPEC representatives expect the increase to continue, but Kuwait’s oil minister said on Sunday that it could be reconsidered.


technology company DLT She has zero crowns in sales, but she expects a surge in income in one year.

“The second quarter marks the beginning of a new era for DLT,” the company wrote in its second quarter report. The stock jumped 18 percent on Monday.

e-learning company kahut It ended up 7.1 percent with trading volume higher on Monday. There was no news that contributed to this rise.

Electric Vehicle Charger Company Zaptek The double-digit uptrend continues from Friday and ended up 11 percent on Monday. The company delivered a strong quarterly report with revenue doubling, and expects sales to reach $1 billion within two years.

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On Monday, ABG Sundal Collier raised its target price for the stock and saw a 61 percent rise.

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