Corona rules violated: British Health Minister Hancock resigns

Neighboring countries Corona rules are broken

British Health Secretary Hancock has resigned after kissing photos

UK Secretary of Health

Matt Hancock has already been criticized for his handling of the Corona crisis

Source: AP / Yui Mok

After being photographed kissing with an affair, UK Health Secretary Matt Hankok apologized. For violating the rules of the corona, not with his wife. Now the pressure from the public is very high.

D.He stumbled upon an affair with a close associate of British Health Secretary Matt Hankok. On Saturday, he submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after the “Sun” released pictures showing married Hancock and adviser Gina Colatangelo kissing deeply in the health ministry office – a clear violation of corona communication restrictions. The newspaper reported that footage from a surveillance camera was taken on May 6. They arrived eleven days before the lock loosening came into effect, which allowed for re-warm-up and other physical contact between the two houses.

The new health minister is Sajid Javed, who was treasurer of the treasury in Johnson’s government until his resignation in February 2020.

“The government owes a debt of gratitude to the people who sacrificed so much in these epidemics to be honest when we deceived them,” Hancock wrote in his resignation letter to Johnson. Personal life was diverted, Hancock wrote his resignation, apologized again for violating the rules and his family, and now he has to take care of his children.

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Be confident: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (r.)

Corona in the UK

Johnson regretted leaving Hancock. But he can be proud of what he has achieved – “not only in dealing with the epidemic, but before the Govt-19 hits us.” Despite calls for his release being loud from many quarters.

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Opposition Labor Party health spokesman Jonathan Ashworth said Hancock’s resignation was appropriate. But he wonders why Johnson did not dare to shoot him. Instead, the head of government initially announced that the affair was over. Some ruling Conservative MPs also joined in demanding that Hancock leave. After all, he did not do what he always preached during the plagues.

More questions for the UK government

However, even after Hancock’s resignation, the government must now ask questions about the circumstances surrounding Coltongelo’s hiring. Friend of the former department head from the time they were together at Oxford University. He joined the Ministry of Health last year and initially worked there as an unpaid consultant, and since this year he has been working as an independent director with a salary of around ,000 15,000 (approximately ,000 17,000) a year.

Coldangelo’s request may be an active part of the plant of critics who see Johnson’s government as a “sumocrisy,” that is, a comrade in which external specialized consultants and contractors are brought into the civil service without the usual special tests. Under Hancock, the Ministry of Health was often accused of distributing lucrative orders for safety equipment and other vital medical supplies to the private sector and neglecting procurement terms. At the height of the Corona crisis, Hancock defended himself with the argument that he was driven by an urgent need for essential equipment.

Hancock has been under pressure for weeks following allegations by Johnson’s former top adviser Dominic Cummings that the crisis has left management confused by the epidemic. Cummings told an MP that Hancock should have been “fired” for being accused of lies and wrongdoing. Said at trial. A former government adviser has leaked a WhatsApp message in which Johnson called his former health minister, using a curse word, in a “completely hopeless” case.

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Hancock is not alone in his behavior

Hong Kong, 42, is not the first member of the government to be accused of violating corona restrictions imposed on the rest of the population to contain viruses. In the spring of 2020, Cummings and his wife and child made headlines by driving after his corona infection to his parents’ home in Durham, hundreds of kilometers northeast of London. This had no effect on the government adviser at the time, which gave the impression that the different rules of the game were more applicable to the political elite than to ordinary people. Cummings resigned on November 10 amid a power struggle on Downing Street.

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