– Narnia does not tolerate heat – V.G

- Narnia does not tolerate heat - V.G
Glowworm: Visually impaired Cry Berg puts his hand on the asphalt to keep guide dog Narnia from burning.

Guide dog Narnia is a vital aid to visually impaired Cry Berg (44). When the temperature gets too high for Narnia, Berg must cancel plans.

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Most of us go outside and enjoy the heat when the temperature rises above 20. For the visually impaired cry berg, on the other hand, heat becomes a limitation.

– I have to change my plans. Breaks away from long work sessions for Narnia, says Berg.

Cooling Blanket: Guide Dog Narnia wears a “cooling blanket” soaked in cold water. It helps keep Narnia cool.

Berg estimates that Narnia can’t work for more than an hour in hot temperatures.

– When it starts to get 24 degrees, I notice that Narnia is very tired.

That meant Cry had to move his plans to days with lower temperatures or leave Narnia at home.

No shopping trip

On Wednesday, Berg had planned a stall at the Colosseum Center in Majorca. It is more than a kilometer to work as a consultant at the Norwegian Society for the Blind. The shopping trip was immediately halted in Berg, so Wednesday’s temperature will be 27 degrees.

– Narnia would be very tiring.

Inside: Narnia delights as she relaxes in Berg’s cool office at the Norwegian Society for the Blind.

When Berg can’t take Narnia on a trip, she has to take a taxi or distract herself with a mobility stick.

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– This is not a crisis, it will always be resolved. But it can be a bit limiting when I can’t take Narnia with me, she explains.

– I save a lot of energy

– Narnia makes it easy to orient myself. If I have Narnia with me, I save a lot of energy when I go out, she says.

Berg gets help from guide dog Narnia to find sidewalks, walkways, stairs and roads with simple commands. “Narnia, search field left”, “Narnia, search corridors”. In addition, Narnia discovers obstacles along the way.

PAWS: Perk should think about Narnia’s paws when planning warm days.

Depending on the aids

When Berg was 27, he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that caused his vision to gradually deteriorate. Now she only has light sense, which means she can distinguish between light and dark. Outside, she depends on aids like a mobility stick or a guide dog.

Light Sense: Berg can see light and darkness, but cannot use his vision to orient himself.

Berg makes it clear that not all dogs are as sensitive to heat as Narnia. Her former guide dog tolerated the heat well. In a year, Narnia will also be retired, and Berk hopes his new guide dog will also be able to withstand slightly higher temperatures.

– No perfect guide dog, but Narnia is getting old now. A younger dog can tolerate heat better.

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