Arnold Schwarzenegger had a pacemaker inserted

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a pacemaker inserted

Photo: Matt Krusek/Pa Photos/NTB

Days after he underwent surgery to insert a pacemaker, thank you
Arnold Schwarzenegger for his support – and says he'll be ready to film soon.

Actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently underwent surgery to insert one Pacemaker.

In a post on Instagram On Thursday, he thanked the 76-year-old for the support he has received.

“I have received so many nice messages from all over the world,” Schwarzenegger writes, before adding:

– Many have asked if my pacemaker will cause problems recording Fubar Season 2.

“Fubar” is a television series produced by Netflix, in which Schwarzenegger plays the lead role.

However, he asks his fans not to worry.

– of course not. He writes: I will be ready to shoot in April.

-More machine

Schwarzenegger revealed on Monday's episode of his podcast, “Arnold's Pump Club,” that he had a pacemaker inserted.

He said: – So now I am just a machine.

According to Schwarzenegger, the operation was necessary because scar tissue from previous heart surgeries made his heart beat irregularly.

Schwarzenegger with the rest of the 'Fubar' cast at the series premiere in Los Angeles in May 2023. Photograph: Philip Varon/AFP/NTB

He suffers from a congenital heart defect and has undergone surgery several times in the past. He stated that he undergoes regular check-ups in the hospital, and such is life with a hereditary heart defect. but:

-You don't hear me complaining.

In the same boat with the king

In Norway approx 3,200 new defibrillators in 2015of which 60 percent were performed on elderly people.

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Earlier in March, King Harald, 87, was fitted with a permanent pacemaker after receiving a temporary pacemaker in Malaysia.

The intervention was successful, and the king is in good condition, the royal house wrote in a press release dated March 12.

And the King, like Schwarzenegger, seems to be on the mend as well. A new photo of the royal family was shared this week, and it was also known that the royal couple will celebrate Easter at the Bygdøy royal estate in Oslo this year.

The King is still on sick leave, which will continue until Monday, April 8.

On March 27, the royal family shared a family photo from the Bygdøy royal estate. Photograph: Simin Lövberg Sunde/Royal Court/NTB

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