Here is its important function

Here is its important function

This small but very important loophole that many people don't notice is actually the microphones neatly built into the phone's design. Overlooked by many users, these microphones are essential to ensuring that the sound in our communications is clear and noise-free.

The small hole is for the secondary microphone, which is used to reduce background noise during calls.

The great thing about this noise cancellation technology is that it adds noise to cancel out existing background noise, making the voice clearer for the person you are talking to.

Confusion can easily occur with the SIM card tray, which is also located at the bottom of many phone models. It may be difficult to distinguish between the SIM tray slot and the secondary microphone, which can cause confusion.

In addition to the microphone at the bottom, many high-end smartphones also have a microphone located near the camera on the back. This hole, found in models such as the iPhone, is particularly used during video recording. It helps improve sound quality using techniques such as audio amplification or omni-directional audio recording.

Having multiple microphones in a smartphone is not just a technical achievement; It is necessary to improve the quality of our calls, the voice recognition of our ancillary software and the sound quality of our video recordings.

These tiny holes, often overlooked, play an important role in delivering high-quality audio communications and recordings that meet the demands of the digital age.

source: xatakamovil.

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