Arctic Royal acquires Norway’s third-largest solar power plant

Arctic Royal acquires Norway’s third-largest solar power plant

From left: Anne Cleo Stermo-Frasie, Business Manager for the building and Natalie Isabelle Sanders, Director of Environmental, Social and Governance at Arctic Real Estate Management.

VestbyLog Invest AS is an Arctic company that owns Toveien 35-39 – a warehouse complex with a total area of ​​58,000 square metres. DSV Solutions and DSV Road are tenants of the property, which includes warehousing facilities, terminals and office space.

To fulfill the landlord and tenant’s commitment to sustainability, a giant solar cell system is now being installed on the rooftops of the buildings. Installation of the system is scheduled to be completed during 2023. It will then be the third largest solar cell system in Norway to be installed on a commercial building (actually measured).

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-We acquired the property in June 2021 and finally reached the final stage of commissioning the solar system. When tenant DSV also wanted green energy from the property, it was easy to create this large facility. Now we’re just looking forward to the sun’s return in the spring of 2024, says Peter Blom, real estate director at Arctic Real Estate Management.

Starting in 2024, the 3,000 kWh plant will produce an estimated 2,490,000 kWh annually.

Existing properties and operations, like all logistics operations, have a constant and increasing need for energy. The landlord and tenant acknowledge that the demand for energy will increase further in the coming years. There are also plans for electric transportation, which will provide a significant need for charging in the future.

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The size of the solar cell system leads to large energy production. It is important to be able to store the energy produced for future use, so that environmentally friendly electricity can be consumed in the best possible way around the clock, all year round. This is a crucial factor in helping to reduce overall CO2 emissions, and we are determined to meet this challenge, says Natalie Isabelle Sanders, ESG Officer at Arctic Real Estate Management.

With the full solar cell system installed, the property in Toveien will achieve an energy rating of A. The building underscores Arctic’s commitment to green building in practice, and is a good example of the company’s green vision, according to Sanders.

– Through investments in green buildings and sustainable energy solutions, we reduce our carbon footprint, laying the foundations for a better, more energy efficient future. She says projects like Toveien have significant environmental benefits and are an important step in the right direction in strengthening our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

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