The all-new Microsoft Store opens to third-party app stores

The all-new Microsoft Store opens to third-party app stores

The built-in Microsoft App Store, Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store), hasn’t always been known for its diverse and good content.

Maybe on the contrary. But when the store “reopens” next week, coinciding with the launch of Windows 11, the solution was rewritten from scratch and became nice and new.

Renovation is about something much more than design and external factors. Inventories will be significantly more diverse, while Microsoft is focusing on increasing quality.

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Yesterday, Microsoft shared a news item showing that they are serious about the plans. Microsoft Store is about to switch to a more open channel.

It includes access to content from the Amazon Appstore and the Epic Games Store, which will be the first of many new app stores to be available within the Microsoft Store.

One important reason is that Microsoft won’t ask them to share sales. Developers using their payment solutions in apps should be able to do so without having to pay a share to Microsoft.

If you are looking for an app that is only offered by this third party, the user can easily find it and install it directly from the Microsoft Store. Steam platform is not mentioned in Advertising From Microsoft, but that may change in the long run.

More Apps – Less Spam

The lead architect behind the Microsoft Store, Rudy Huyn, previously promised better content, quality, and increased ease of use.

When asked directly if scraps and paper clips will now disappear from the market, he responded on Twitter this summer.

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Yes, you can expect the directory and search functionality to be greatly improved in future updates.

All kinds of applications can be distributed in the Microsoft Store, including Win32, .Net, Java, Android applications, and so-called Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). It was previously known that the store is divided into three sections such as Apps, Games, Movies and TV Series.

Also coming to Windows 10

The open approach has already resulted in a broader catalog, which now includes a number of popular products such as Discord, Libreoffice, Zoom, VLC, Teamviewer, Opera and Yandex as well as progressive apps from Reddit, Wikipedia, Tiktok and more.

The new market is also coming to Windows 10 in the next few months. Microsoft has also promised that it will use the Microsoft Store to a greater extent than before to distribute the company’s own products as well.

Among other things, Microsoft Office, Edge browser, and developer tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code will be presented in this way.

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