Four taken to hospital after tequila mistake

Four taken to hospital after tequila mistake

Four women were sent to hospital with burns to their mouths after a waiter served them a treat Believes Salt was during Tequila’s 2021 London tour.

Reports Cloud News.

It appeared after 42 years


On December 7, 2021, the horrific incident occurred at the famous British nightclub Tiger Tiger.

According to Sky News, the four women ordered one shot of tequila each. The shooting took place in the bar while the women watched, and all seemed well.

But as the women licked the salt, bit into the lemonade and drank the wine, the waiter quickly realized something was wrong:

All of the women had a burning and burning sensation in their tongues — plus they promptly vomited.

Soon after, all the women vomited.

The waiter then tasted the salt, which turned out to be caustic soda — a strong sodium hydroxide acid often used for drain cleaning or other effective cleaning, the newspaper wrote.

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Caustic soda is a base that is particularly corrosive to the skin and eyes. It can also cause blindness.

An ambulance was called shortly after the disastrous tequila mistake, with the women being taken to hospital.

No one was permanently injured, but the nightclub was reported.

I got a nice fine

This week, the ruling was handed down after a tequila nightmare at Westminster House.

There it became clear that the waiter “had no idea what he had done” until it was too late.

Neighbors are raising the alarm

Neighbors are raising the alarm

However, the nightclub was found guilty of four charges. One of the points included “exposing customers to chemical hazards.”

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A3D2, which owns the famous British club, received a fine of 1.5 million Norwegian kroner after the incident. They must have accepted this immediately.

Aisha Lees of Westminster Council said in a statement: “We hope that the significant fine will continue as a warning and example to all businesses going forward.”

The club has not yet commented on the ruling. The four affected women are said to have come out of tequila shock without any lasting damage.

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