700 sheep and goats in the exciting German vaccination process – VG

700 sheep and goats in the exciting German vaccination process - VG
BEAR BEAUTIFUL: 700 sheep and goats in vaccine information in Schneverdingen, Germany.

Sheep are empathetic animals that are easy to admire – perhaps they can convey the message better than humans can.


So says Hanspeter Itzold, who arranged the vaccine operation.

The animals were bred in a vaccine syringe formation in a field near Schneverdingen, south of Hamburg. The entire length of the spray formation was about 100 meters.

Then just hope the syringe tip doesn’t break.

See more photos of the pollen stunt in the gallery below:

But how do you really get 700 sheep and goats to line up like a giant puffer?

Farmer Wiebke Schmidt-Kochan says she spent several days training with her animals.

But she says that in the end it was very easy to put the sheep and goats in the right place — she put pieces of bread to form the syringe, something the animals gulped eagerly when they were released into the field.

In Germany, just over 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated, a few percentage points lower than that in Norway.

It remains to be seen whether Germans who are not convinced to take the corona vaccine can be persuaded by these advocates of the quadrivalent vaccine.

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