October 4, 2022


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The new technology can reduce the number of transistors in a processor by 85 percent

The new technology can reduce the number of transistors in a processor by 85 percent

Researchers know TU Vienna He developed a new type of transistor for the processor cores, which could change as needed. This could potentially reduce the number of transistors required in the processor by 85 percent, with the benefits it brings in terms of power consumption and heat generation. Alternatively, you can make as many transistors as before, and get a similar jump in performance.

funny enough Samsung and IBM recently announced They are looking for a new technology that will be able to reduce the power consumption of transistors by only 85 percent.

However, this is a completely different technology.

By using germanium in transistors, researchers at TU Vienna have been able to reduce the number of transistors required for a mathematical problem from 160 to 24, according to reports. Tom’s devices.

The innovation is that the element germanium, which is added in addition to the three traditional elements that make up the transistor, can dynamically determine the function of the transistor. This way you don’t have to make transistors with special functions that are not used when they are not needed. Alternatively, you can change the transistors to the type you need at any given time for a task in the processor.

According to Tom’s Hardware, none of the materials or tools needed are new to semiconductor manufacturing, which makes incorporating the new technology easier and faster. However, we shouldn’t expect it to happen any time soon. This new technology always takes a long time to use, and it is likely that it will initially be used in addition to, rather than replacing, traditional processor technology.

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