The Apple Watch Ultra 3 may be much more expensive and have a larger dial

The Apple Watch Ultra 3 may be much more expensive and have a larger dial

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 costs NOK 10,990. If you think that’s a lot, get ready for 2026.

Maybe you’ll have to postpone

We’re not sure if Apple will upgrade the Ultra series next year, but we’re guessing there will be an upgraded model in 2025. The first model was launched in September 2022, and the reason we think there might not be a new model next year is because This year’s upgrade was pretty weak: just a brighter screen and better performance.

Better performance is important on many devices, but perhaps less so on a watch where you relatively rarely rely on things happening quickly — the fact that Siri isn’t smart enough won’t be helped by increased CPU power like it is now. The problem is that screen technology takes time. So what can be done with smartwatches to make them better, so that Siri will improve starting with watchOS 11 and iOS 18, not much, but by 2026, Apple will likely have a major language model across its devices.

The dial is much larger

The most important thing in smart watches is: the size and thickness of the dial. Now people with knowledge of Apple’s cold chain claim to know that the company will use Micro LED technology instead of OLED in its most expensive watches. According to the leaks, Apple will increase the size to 5.4 cm from 4.8 cm today – which is not a small increase on the watch face. 11 percent.

The problem for Apple is that producing Micro-LED panels is still very expensive because many of them fail to ensure quality. This must be the reason why they have to postpone the launch from 2025 to 2026. However, if there is a significant improvement in the region, Apple can postpone the launch to 2025. The iPads with OLED technology are expected to be launched in Next year, and the MacBook series next year. 2025.

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Do you think 11,000 NOK is a lot of money? Getting ready for 2026

With current data points, this won’t be cheap for consumers who will probably have to accept the fact that Apple will pay $80 more per watch:

“In addition, the report notes that the new display technology means that Apple will have to pay a price 2.5 to 3 times higher than today’s OLED panels. It is of course only one component, but it would represent a cost increase of about NOK 836,” As 9To5Mac wrote.

This is the iPad tablet roadmap:

  • 2024: As previously rumored – 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro with OLED and ProMotion
  • 2026: New iPad mini with a larger 8.7-inch screen with OLED panel technology – increasing the screen from 8.3 inches
  • 2026: 10.9-inch iPad Air with OLED
  • 2027: 12.9-inch iPad Air with OLED


  • 2025: MacBook Pro 16-inch – OLED
  • 2026: 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air – OLED
  • 2026: MacBook Pro 14-inch – OLED

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